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  1. Have you mod_rewrite enable ? Show in /phpvms/storage/logs the Laravel Log file for error
  2. How can i make a Update via Github What is the command Line for Linux
  3. Live Map Show not all Information Not Show: - Time of Flight - Destination in NM what Fly it Show Only the Full NM not the NM in Live Flight how to fly - Status: Bording, Taxi, Climb, Enroute, Descent, On Final, : Only Show Enroute - Navpoints not Show sorry for my bad English i hope you now what i mine
  4. In version 7.0.0 (build 180223-dd144c) is not Acars under Settings in Administration
  5. chris2012nrw

    Live Map

    Where can I set the starting country for the live map? I use version 7.0.0 (build 180223-dd144c)
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