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  1. Good Afternoon, I have been working hard on getting my VA up and running, however I was wondering if people could give it a look over and check it for bugs etc... I've been through it and it seems pretty solid and I know there are a few issues I need to sort out like the front page and also the download area is not there but I am currently doing that. If you have any ideas or tips that would be great. My URL is: http://www.flyjet2.com Thanks in advance Scott
  2. You sir are a f@#king genius! thank you!!
  3. Hi all, ive just started to mess around with PHPVMS again and updated my API with google etc... the thing is that when I go to my test site Http://www.flysx.org/test the map doesn’t load on start up but when I refresh the page it does... its throwing up the error of “initmap is not a function” does anyone have any experience if this and/or a work around? Thanks in advance Scott
  4. Hi all, I am wanting a livery made for my VA and would like some help with it Asmara I’ve tried and failed! 😞 Any help you can give would be great! Scott
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