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  1. Thorge

    404 not found on installation

    It gives me a 404 not found error when I click 'Head on installer'. How can I fix this?
  2. Thorge

    Schedule Search doesn't work

    Yes that's it thanks, but I have it like that because it's every time importing it very strange for some reason. On the sheet I entered 0123456 on days and all 4 weeks and then it imports wrong for some reason. Any way to fix it?
  3. I have added 500 schedules but if I search for them in the schedule Search nothing comes out.
  4. Thorge

    Airport look up don't work

    When will the server will be back?
  5. Thorge

    Airport look up don't work

    Why does my airport search don't work? It always says it's looking up and nothing happens.