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  1. Hello I downloaded phpvms 5.5 and uploaded it on to my site , and continue process from install/install.php but when it completed there are some error in admin center print screen here : https://prnt.sc/m1fh3i What should I do? please help me Regards, Amir hossein
  2. when I active Icrew lite skin in phpvms v2 based on crewcenter.iatva.ir it shows this : https://prnt.sc/lxvmc3 also when i enter to admin center of phpvms v5.5 based on testcrew.iatva.ir , i get this error : https://prnt.sc/lxvqdq and when i active icrewlite on that,shows this : https://prnt.sc/lxvr9u
  3. Ok , I'll install them and take screen shot for u thank u so much
  4. yes I active default skin because others has problem I downloaded some skins like Ela skin, Icrew lite, BlueIce skin all them are nice if install without problem
  5. thanks for response I installed both version of phpvms . v5.5 and v2 and test some skins but when i activate them, all of site crashed and show some line and errors yes,it is ok on default skin phpvms v5.5 : testcrew.iatva.ir and phpvms v2 : crewcenter.iatva.ir I installed them in other subdomains to skinning them and test all,when they are ok without any problem move one of them to main subdomain
  6. Hello I installed both version of phpvms (5.5 and v2) but I have problem when i want to install a skin on them. when I install any of skins which are free like ela skin or icrew lite , after installing and activation my crew site is code and error ! Does anyone help me or install it for me please? :((( I paid if need Regards
  7. sent , please check your message box Regards Amir hossein
  8. at first I installed phpvms v2 and after that i found out my skin was made for phpvms v5.5x so I changed my phpvms to v5.5x and get Icrew Lite skin to install on it but could not . (some and same problems for other skins!)
  9. I have a problem with phpvms 7 too, when I bid a flight , I cant remove it after! what should I do ? problem over problem
  10. I could install it and version v2 successfully but I have problem with skinning them Tried more and more but failed :((
  11. yes this is my problem too , help @LeonardIGO4036 us pleaseeee :((
  12. Hello I installed phpvms 7 and get ACARS for it, when I open it will be ok and connection to vA is successful but it doesn't load my bids pleaasssse help me to fix it Regards Amir hossin
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