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  1. tested this but did not work
  2. On the user side This worked perfectly, thank you so much!
  3. A lot of work has been put into the financial part of PHPVMS 7. This tells me that there are several airlines that must be using such systems. Id like to get some ideas as to how people use this information, for example, pilots earn pay, has anyone come up with some way to let pilots use their salary?
  4. Could anyone help me modify the blades responsible for displaying the list of flights to include the subfleet information?
  5. Im posting that here first as it seemed like something people using this would have noticed before so its likely i was doing something wrong.
  6. Tested in both Beta 2 and Dev branch (Im running both versions simultaneously) Results are identical. basically: Unless a Pilot is assigned the role "admin" the dashboard and flights pages will not load, instead the default with newest pilot list is displayed
  7. This is a major issue. I also tried to set new roles with limited permissions, these also dont have access to dashboard or flights, I even tried to create a new role with ALL permissions, no access either. this appears to be hardcoded to Admin?
  8. do you operate Virtual Blue by any chance?
  9. This looks like a bug. When a new pilot joins they cant see the dash or flights unless they are assigned the admin role.
  10. I would if the price is right and uptime is good.
  11. Ill try to add this to the github. Should all requests like this go there or should I post in the forum first?
  12. Anything I can do right now to fix this on my end?
  13. Hi, Getting a critical error when attempting to import flights CSV into Beta 2 Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalThrowableError Class 'App\Http\Controllers\Admin\Storage' not found
  14. Is there a possibility to create an airline (For Codeshare flight purposes) but not have it show up as an option when the user registers?
  15. Perhaps I didnt make clear what I was talking about. I am aware we can limit Aircraft to Rank, but what I would like is to limit Routes to a Rank regardless of the aircraft operated therein.
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