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  1. Agreed, I updated quite a few, particular US airports.
  2. Couple of us over at BluSquare worked on this... we figured some people could use it since I have seen questions about it. Not all the airports and mostly US. Something for people to start with. Modify the sections as needed for fuel price and such. Updated 6/14 airports.zip
  3. SeanM

    Couple Questions

    That did it, pictures are not loading but that could be any number of things on my side. Thanks for the help on all that.
  4. SeanM

    Couple Questions

    Awesome, that worked. Any idea on Intervention\Image\Exception\MissingDependencyException PHP Fileinfo extension must be installed/enabled to use Intervention Image. I am pretty sure all dependencies are working.
  5. SeanM

    Couple Questions

    Only 7.3 is avail... not sure if that matters... Command line: * * * * * cd /home/blusquar/phpvms && /opt/cpanel/ea-php73/root/usr/bin/php-cgi -d register_argc_argv=On artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1 thos what your referring to?
  6. SeanM

    Couple Questions

    Yeah, tried that one no luck... I can create a ticket... using your hosting so was avoiding a ticket if possible.
  7. SeanM

    Couple Questions

    Got everything installed. 2 problems when trying to upload a avatar it gives me an error "PHP Fileinfo extension must be installed/enabled to use Intervention Image." which I assume is installed as I am using VMS hosing. I am using php 7.3. Secondly the cron job is doing my head in, "There was a problem running the cron; make sure it's setup and check logs at storage/logs/cron.log. See the docs" Mind you there is no log there. I assume this is the correct format when creating it in cpanel: blusquar php /blusquar/phpvms/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1
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