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  1. I will migrate to phpVMS7 So. Should I use the DEV version of phpVMS7? Which contains this name: phpvms-7.0.0-dev
  2. Got it... If I buy smartCARS, can you tell me will it work?
  3. Yes, the error log is active and has not been written there inside the .txt error file that the server makes available, as if there were no errors found. I contacted my hosting support and it was not possible to change the MariaDB version. Could you tell me what changes I would have to make to the site files? I will post something related to kACARS_Free on the forum. -------- Can you tell me if there is another alternative to be used in phpVMS Or even install phpVMS v7, some tracker that is compatible with it and free?
  4. phpVMS: phpvms PHP version: 7.2 MySQL: 10.5.15-MariaDB-cll-lve Hosting paid - Hostinger I can't even download kACARS_Free as the fs-product website is not accessible to me.
  5. Hello friends. I'm having problems trying to login to CCFTracker. It returns this connection error to the site. I have already uninstalled and installed several times phpVMS proavia with the Stisla theme. My website is hosted on hostinger on cpanel hosting. SSL and TLS is correct and this error still keeps following me. When this message appears, generate an xml with this: At the moment I have phpVMS zeroed on the site. Because before proceeding with the installation of the skin and other modules, I wanted to solve this problem in ACARS. I'm open to referrals from other acars systems. If anyone can help me, I would be very grateful! ❤️
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