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  1. When I am logged in, if I press the pilots menu, it shows the information of all the pilots and the IMAGE of the range, the load of this route: /public/assets/img/ranks/4.png If I select any pilot, it shows me the information, but it does not load the image of the Range. You want to load the image from this path: /profile/public/assets/img/ranks/6.png How to do so that the image is always loaded from: /public/assets/img/ranks/4.png
  2. I have created some Tours, and I don't know how to give a medal to a pilot who finished all the routes of the tour. The medal can be given manually
  3. I do not understand your answer. I read the rules to update and it does not work for me. I already delete everything I put in. Sorry if it bothered you. I will find the solution on my own
  4. With the latest update, phpvms7-dev210511, the web page does not start. The browser is blank error 500. I copy and paste the previous version and overwrite the files. I had to go back to the previous version, with a backup that I have.
  5. ok, Thanks A shame, it looks interesting
  6. How is it done to put the tours and routes that you have carried out on the main page. As you have it in the image of Thema Disposable. Is it with the FsReality Tours module? I have bought it. Or is it with a different module Do you do the tours differently?
  7. jftejeiro

    CSV Flights

    Indeed, I use LibreOffice Calc and I have no problems either. With excell if I had problems
  8. jftejeiro

    CSV Flights

    Another option would be to download the CSV from phpmyadmin, edit it, upload the new routes and re-import it from phpmyadmin. But what happens is very rare. I download and upload the CSVs from the phpvms7 administration panel and I have no problems
  9. jftejeiro

    CSV Flights

    You could try to export the file from phpmyadmin on your server
  10. Is there a possibility that the ACARS reproduces sounds during the flight? Just as messages are output, audios can be played, saved in a folder As there is in the Flight Rules administration panel, put a rules to play audios and their names 80 knots 10,000 feet captain 18,000 feet captain Gear up Gear down Landing Lights On Landing Lights Off etc.....
  11. SOLVED, Do some research and find the solution. I do not know anything about this, but investigating a little, it is possible. <a class="nav-link m-1 p-0 float-left" href="{{ route('frontend.flights.bids') }}"> <i class="fas fa-file-upload" title="@lang('flights.mybid')"></i> </a> What I don't know is where I get the names of the icons
  12. HELLO, can you tell me how I have to do to add an icon that accesses My Bids, under the photo
  13. How can I change the logos for images in PNG. logo.svg - logo_blue_bg.svg etc ..
  14. In administration, you must have the option marked: BIDS Allow multiple bids Whether or not someone can bid on multiple flights. I understand that this option was to be able to reserve a multiple bids pilot. But this option makes multiple riders book one bids.
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