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  1. Ti invio il mio contatto Skype così, se possibile, ci scambiamo due opinioni su phpVMS... gk.ferrari

    buona giornata - Gianni

  2. someone here has a solution for when the person is already scheduled scale can not schedule it again?
  3. how many you have scales? they are interlinked?
  4. If after no one to write this code in PHP?
  5. I used this version and also not given. put the 3.82 and it did. already solved, thank friends
  6. people, a help fast. On-screen scheduling, does not show schedules in order registered in the database, ie, the random, had opened the file and nothing app.config.php. any idea what could be?
  7. this post is missing something? would be to send the data from the flight at twitter?
  8. Attached is a print screen
  9. Incidentally, this forum ta not sending email when someone replies to topic
  10. LOL, it happens, but I also installed this version in FS9 and still the same error
  11. logical that there http://fs-products.net/PhoenixVA/index.php/downloads kACARS_Free Application v1.0.0.8 kACARS_Free Application version Downloaded 713 times FSUIPC 3.6
  12. Valerio Cowboy


    my k-ACARS 1.8, this gives an error in FSUIPC, why? the other programs typically connects --------------------------- kACARS - ERROR --------------------------- FSUIPC Error #12: FSUIPC_ERR_SENDMSG. Error sending message to FSUIPC. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- 1.4 operate normally
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