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  1. If you can complete the code to post here already configured and bug-free to help the guys who tried and failed thank you
  2. Someone has to post the files here ready? For tried and failed to do thank you
  3. Which file should I put the code for the addon appears on the front page of va?
  4. Serrador

    Flight Map

    I could not do: (, could someone help? Or the Code or the files ready? thank you
  5. accept my registration so I can download the template Thanks = ]
  6. is that I just know even the basics of php, i do not know whether she can make it there if somebody had done I would appreciate a code thx
  7. Anyone know how to make the map in this style? so wanted this map =/
  8. Serrador

    Beta Site 1.1

    Gave error here looks just like He was /\
  9. English: Anyone Know How to Solve the Problem of No Route Passed? Portuguese: Alguem Sabe Como Eu Resolvo o Problema do No Route Passed?
  10. Portugues: Eu refiz minhas escalas ai agora foi Valeu Pela Ajuda English: I remade my scales i now work normal Thanks Help
  11. I have scales but the point is sbfz, do not know why this error is giving and the file that is giving this error /core/modules/RandomFlights/RandomFlights.php, is not the randomsearch.tpl
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