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  1. I have no idea, I didnt sort it, one of my friends did it,
  2. everything is there, folder and link is correct in local.config.
  3. This is the link http://www.southernukva.co.uk/en/
  4. everything looks ok in that file,
  5. OK, All serious, We decided to move the files of the website to the main domain, than we discoverd that the website wasnt appearing, just Plain Blank.. So, we moved it back to the original place and it still doing something, can we have some help and alot of help would be appreciated.. Also The Install directory dosent work aswell.
  6. Hi, I was just wondering, does anybody know or have a link of the paint kit for the wilco 175 emb, I couldnt find it on there website and i was wondering if anyone has it ...
  7. That Looks excellent ray, but get the query, and it would be in the add on
  8. if you have the code for it, please send..
  9. Just give me some steps about adding in the db, cos im like a lost man in a database, with the coding
  10. Right so design a table in pilot_public_profile Problem is, im not the best at doing coding, so u could give me an example of a code to add in..
  11. Sorry about the bump, I mean on the /index.php/profile/view/1 That page have a box called About me,
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