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  1. I've only just purchased a server with Hostgator and now i'm really confused on how to install PHPvms on the server. Can someone please give me a hand to install phpVMS on hostgator. I'm really new to this, and i've also tried to use the manuals and guides and i got no success. I've been following phpvms for dummies and when it tells you to load install.php on your browser it doesn't work it gives me hostgator 404error. Please if anyone can help me it would be really appriciated. Cristiano
  2. Oh and yer i forgot to say that i have a free hosting.
  3. yea thing is i have no idea how to check what ini settings for fsockopen are, and also i have no idea how to get there aswell
  4. I have installed phpVMS this week and i have just found out that the registration for other people who want to join does not work......... when they fill all the information out and then click register all it says after is "could not open socket". so please if you have any idea of how to fix this, could you tell me. thank you
  5. my msn is alitalia009@hotmail.it its much better to talk there
  6. Alitalia010


    I'm very new to this virtual airline business but i wanted to set up one from a long time. a few days i ago i heard of a Virtual Airline manager and i stumbled upon PHPvsm, i downloaded it and now i have no idea of what i have to do with all the files contained within the download so if someone could help me it would be very much appriciated thank you
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