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  1. That cold shower was the best i've had in a long time!

  2. About to register michaelatherton.me. I'll finally have my own website :P.

  3. Just arrived back at a 26C Liverpool after leaving a 25C Faro :D

  4. Flying back on the beautiful Ryanair Boeing 737-800 Tomorrow ♥

  5. F*** you MySQL queries, Just F*** you...

  6. WHAT!Heathrows going to get bulldozed -_-Josh Newman, Katie Rose, Rebecca Stevens

  7. Taking my navigation exam Tomorrow!

  8. Legs are hurting after flying 180 Miles :(

  9. Well something is telling me i really should've done this work last Week :/. Running low on time!

  10. This time next Week, Hopefully. I'll be 2,500ft over Humberside :D.

  11. Sacha O'Connor is the legend of the North!

  12. Andrew Russell just checked the Cross Fell and its looking better!

  13. Really hoping now this snow goes away for next Weekend -_-

  14. Why do feelings exist?

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