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Several error on PHPVMS


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Hello, I am sharing this topic because I hugely Error phpvms, most of the time I get an error "Strict Standards: Accessing static property PIREPAdmin" that could come my SQL?

On the other hand I do not see in panel administration the routes, schedules, pilot, while are present in my SQL. And JSON graphic that was eg dashboard "Pilot Reports for the Past Week" does not work it tells me this error

"Open Flash Chart

JSON Parse Error [syntax Error]

Error at character 0, line 1:

0: <br /> "

Thank you for your help

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Pretty sure your server is on php 5.4. Had those problems too. My server forced me to upgrade to 5.4 and phpvms really made for 5.3.

in core/lib/opc.../json files put error_reporting(0); right below first php tag. Kinda band-aid fix. Turns off error reporting so it works. Don't know how to actually fix code to make it 5.4 compatible

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