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  1. Moving on AirHaul.net well established VA Anyone interested PM or reply Would prefer someone that is familiar with phpvms code Lot of modifications Show u how to update with flightaware API Looking for a motivated person that wants to continue the VA and possesses the skills to do so
  2. That is all the code that is needed...just make sure you are inserting it into schedule_briefing.tpl.....maybe do a print_r($schedule->depicao); first to make sure the variables are being called correctly to the page....only way it wouldn't work is if variables are not being called or using a different name
  3. Add under routes section on schedule_briefing.tpl Will display top route flown from vataware I admit not the most graceful code....but what the hay...it works <?php $url = 'http://vataware.com/citypair/'.$schedule->depicao.'-'.$schedule->arricao.''; $page = file_get_contents($url); $start_char = '/flight/'; $end_char = '</a></td>'; $start_pos = strpos($page, $start_char); $end_pos = strpos($page, $end_char); $start_pos += strlen($start_char); $end_pos += strlen($end_char); $string = substr($page, $start_pos, ($end_pos - $start_pos)); $start_char = '>'; $start_pos = strpos($string, $start_char) + 1; $string = substr($string, $start_pos); echo $string; ?>
  4. This process is not the easiest but I have listed all the steps. Try customer service at your Hosting company for SSH problems open local.config.php in core folder, then copy the DB info name, password, server name into db.php $db = mysql_connect('localhost', 'joetest', 'password') mysql_select_db('aerodb'); Mine is localhost and is for most people but change it if different in local.config.php
  5. Sorry only have used putty. Could set it up to run in admin or load page from browser but it wipes out the table navdata everytime you run it Problem is you want to run once then delete the files and folders Putty pretty easy to use for me Select ssh put in web address then click connect At prompt type in login and password Then >cd public_html/navdata Then >php -f fsbuildparse.php Contact your Hosting company, they might have to enable SSH for putty to work
  6. Cleaned up the code in fsbuildparse.php so it works better This is an updated version of Nabeel's code for navdata update which is avaliable by search in forums -All intersections uploaded with a lat/lng -All VOR / NDB correctly labeled -Intersections all go in instead of hanging up Works with fsbuild airac Used 1310 myself Loading airways segments...91220 airway segments loaded... Loading VORs...965 VORs added, 2834 updated Loading NDBs...2202 NDBs added, 1800 updated Loading INTs...93944 INTs added, 54743 bypassed already in DB Completed! -Would recommend backing up navdata table in database before running -Program deletes all previous data in phpvms_navdata table before updating -Also program will not work if the table phpvms_navdata is not present. If it isnt go to DBadmin and copy structure only from navdata table to phpvms_navdata -Inserts into phpvms_navdata table. If prefix is different rename phpvms_navdata to navdata for example when complete -Use at your own risk. Works great with me but can't say it will with everyone. How to load NAVDATA for phpVMS ------------- 1. Unzip navdata.zip 2. Obtain fsbuild airac 3. Install fsbuild airac into same folder as fsbuild.exe(airac file) 4. need to have three files awys.txt -airways (default fsbuild) ints.txt - intersections (default fsbuild) navs.txt - ndb/vor (default fsbuild - code fixed to label vor/ndb separately) 5. Take the 3 files listed above insert them into navdata/fsbuild folder Optional - Recommend sorting out lat/lng intersections in ints.txt and any intersection that is not 5 characters in length 6. Open db.php file and insert your DB username, password, & server name into the appropraiate places between '' 7. Upload navdata folder into root directory of site 8. Connect to server with ssh app. I use putty 9. cd to navdata 10. run php -f fsbuildparse.php at prompt 11. Takes maybe 5 mins or so then should get Loading airways segments...91220 airway segments loaded... Loading VORs...965 VORs added, 2834 updated Loading NDBs...2202 NDBs added, 1800 updated Loading INTs...93944 INTs added, 54743 bypassed already in DB Completed! navdata.zip
  7. Updated the version so it loads lat/lng without 0's so forth Link to post http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/19993-navdata-update/
  8. Pretty sure your server is on php 5.4. Had those problems too. My server forced me to upgrade to 5.4 and phpvms really made for 5.3. in core/lib/opc.../json files put error_reporting(0); right below first php tag. Kinda band-aid fix. Turns off error reporting so it works. Don't know how to actually fix code to make it 5.4 compatible
  9. Just released smartcars to all my pilots this morning. Running great luv smartcars I give it two big thumbs up Crew announcements are a big thrill when flying. Nice to be able to chat with all pilots and other VA's using system.
  10. Just made a website Tour/Tutorial Video for airhaul. Link on frontpage below title. http://www.airhaul.net Be warned might cause droziness after viewing. Please wait 12 hours before operating an aircraft.
  11. www.airhaul.net We have implented a new system which allows all our routes to be updated on a quarterly basis. All passenger routes have been updated and are now current. Many airlines were added this weekend due to the ease of obtaining routes with our new automated system. Here is the list: KLM (KLM) EL AL (ELY) Aeromexico (AMX) All Nippon (ANA) Air Canada (ACA) Jazz Air (JZA) Horizon Air (QXE) Air New Zealand (ANZ) Air France (AFR) Qatar (QTR) Air China (CCA) Scandinavian (SAS) Singapore Airline (SIA) Frontier (FFT) Air Tran (TRS) ExpressJet (ASQ) Mesa (ASH) Compass (CPZ) Republic (RPA) Current Passenger Airlines: jetBlue American Delta United Alaska Southwest Hawaiian WestJet US Airways Express Frontier Allegiant Virgin America Era Alaska British Airways Virgin Atlantic Swiss Check us out for a one stop VA with frequently updated routes.....also have Cargo... www.airhaul.net
  12. AirHaul Airline Alliance has updated their site to include Vatsim Awards based on the number of flights logged online. Also integrated all our route maps for our different airlines with google maps to make choosing a flight a lot easier. AirHaul Airline Alliance includes 22 Passenger Airlines and 13 Cargo Airlines. Designed to be a one stop shop for your VA needs. Designed more for experienced Vatsim Pilots who need a central place to gather their routes. Some of our new editions to the AirHaul Alliance include Era Alaska, Ameriflight, Virgin Australia (already include VRD & VIR), Skywest, Emirates Sky Cargo, Japan Airlines, Tiger Airways to name a few. Our most popular airlines are of course Southwest, American, Delta, and United.... AirHaul has recently moved to a high speed server so all route maps and the website in general operate quicker and smoother. Any questions jump on our teamspeak 3 www.airhaul.net server address Or join us today at http://www.airhaul.net AirHaul is about flying current real world routes while having some fun in the process..... Founded November 2010
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