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live map view issue with smartCARS


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1° download the file "phpinfo.php"

2° place this file into your root folder is where your site.

3° go to the link example yourdomain.com/phpinfo.php

4° you will see all the data on your hosting, search until you find ASP_TAGS, there is this ASP_TAGS ON. See an example from my server to have with change ASP_TAGS

Disabling ASP_TAGS of your server.

1º enters the root folder of your site using an ftp program and find the file. PHP.INI

2° download the file php.ini for your PC.

3º locate the file on your computer and open the notepad or simply a double click.

4° to open change the following line.

; Allow ASP-style <%%> tags.

asp_tags = ON

Change to:

; Allow ASP-style <%%> tags.

asp_tags = off

5° to save the change.

6° send the file php.ini. your site's root folder and replace it.

7° to change now wait 5 minutes to upgrade your accommodation,

8º open the link yourdomain.com/phpinfo.php

9° now confirm that the updated APS hosting TAGS off, if so done.

now only take advantage of the map.

You will only be able to do this if you have permission,

if the contrary need to contact the hosting administrator

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