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  1. Fernando


    It has a pilot's flying way to win money in a non-registered route VA?
  2. I'll put it where? in index.php (he's all white)
  3. Already packed the link, you can download the module. Hugs
  4. Fernando

    VAForum 2

    Edited all tables and insert pictures in the forum, that is your job as it was, paster at the top with green color to the background, passes a pilot last information recorded in my VA and all pilots in flight at the time.
  5. Look at this http://forum.phpvms....t-flight-board/
  6. 1° download the file "phpinfo.php" 2° place this file into your root folder is where your site. 3° go to the link example yourdomain.com/phpinfo.php 4° you will see all the data on your hosting, search until you find ASP_TAGS, there is this ASP_TAGS ON. See an example from my server to have with change ASP_TAGS Disabling ASP_TAGS of your server. 1º enters the root folder of your site using an ftp program and find the file. PHP.INI 2° download the file php.ini for your PC. 3º locate the file on your computer and open the notepad or simply a double click. 4° to open change the following line. ; Allow ASP-style <%%> tags. asp_tags = ON Change to: ; Allow ASP-style <%%> tags. asp_tags = off 5° to save the change. 6° send the file php.ini. your site's root folder and replace it. 7° to change now wait 5 minutes to upgrade your accommodation, 8º open the link yourdomain.com/phpinfo.php 9° now confirm that the updated APS hosting TAGS off, if so done. now only take advantage of the map. You will only be able to do this if you have permission, if the contrary need to contact the hosting administrator
  7. The rank system it is based only calculations of hours when you disable means that you will evaluate manuals criteria of rank change according to its charter. The system does not manage the calculation of ranks by any other means, only sums hours. The pilot reaches 10 hours of flights to be flown or transferred, the automatic calculation system changes the pilot's rank. If you keep this manual disabling, you are responsible for doing this manual. The phpvms that is distributed free of form is how it works now if you want something complex, a system to evaluate the conditions in accordance with its regulation is needed someone to do. That's another thing, something that we are not addressing here. You want something based on aircraft restrictions, flight hours. to be more specific so we can create something according to your requirements.
  8. I'll think of something to help you
  9. Your host has asp_tags enabled in the php.ini, they have to disable that for it to work. Contact your host
  10. This only appears in the program, this seems to me an error on your server, type problem of TAG
  11. like this the local.config.php file You have disabled you ask? You are still using the automatic calculation same time adding to its manual pilot?
  12. You can try this: <?php include ('/path/to/SSI.php'); $topics = ssi_recentTopics(5,null,'array'); ?> $topics will be an array of all the relevant data, so you can format it however you want in your own file. Here believe that many will not give much support, it refers to something that is out the phpvms, I believe that would not be the correct location however, I can help you solve, let us know.
  13. What you can do is manage the hours of flights flown by their pilots, and other for hours transferred, So are added in pilot_list, however, they have not be calculated for exchanging rank.
  14. Hello Friend, When you adciona hours for members, the system does the calculation automatic. I suggest you do the exchange of manually patent, for this to be resolved, Follow the instructions below. Yoursite.com/ core / app.config and local.config.php Config::Set('RANKS_AUTOCALCULATE', true); Change to Config::Set('RANKS_AUTOCALCULATE', false); (This will cause the system does not automatically compute the rank for the number of hours since this time to their manual inserting pilots.) After that possibly you will need to manually change the ranks, open the administrative site. Yoursite.com/admin Then locate the / Pilot & Groups / View All Pilots Click the option / edit / locate / Current Rank option And switch to rank the pilot should be, repeat this for all members.
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