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Expected Flight Time

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In pirep_viewreports.tpl, it tells you the actual flight time, I want to display the expected flight time as set in schedules>flighttime. I came up with:

<li><strong>Expected Time: </strong><?php echo $schedule->flighttime; ?></li>

But I'm thinking that this doesn't work because it doesn't know what flight to look at?

Any help gratefully received :)

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Errrr. and what has this to do with my question? :wacko:

Look at this


To include photos of aircraft, we can make by name, or by the enrollments registered in the database.

Depending on how many aircraft you have recommend using the model of the aircraft.

Example I have 170 aircraft would not be viable I create several photos, I can replace only the models of aircraft and not by enrollment which would be more laborious.

Create photos and send to folder on your server, for example:

mysite.com/lib/aircraft/img/ (here will be the location of the photos)



After creating all aircraft can make it read photos from this locality,

test it and see if that's what you want, and make the changes

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