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SkyJet Virtual Airlines PILOTS WANTED

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Hello all forum browsers !

We (the staff) here at SkyJet Virtual Airlines would be honored to have you as a pilot flying for us. We are a friendly group of aviation enthusiasts and we invite and encourage all types of people from all corners of the world to join our family of pilots here at SkyJet Virtual Airlines. Our mission is to deliver the best experience a virtual airline can deliver to the growing community of aviation enthusiasts. We aim to be one of the most realistic virtual airlines in the world while simultaneously delivering a fun virtual airline experience for you. Some of the aircraft we operate include the A320-200, A330-300, B737-900, B777-200LR, CRJ-200, and CRJ-700,these are only some of the majestic aircraft we fly,and we fly to locations in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, of course there is much more to discover at SkyJet so sign up today at www.flyskyjetvirtual.com . Community feedback is greatly appreciated and our motto backs that.


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