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  1. MooneyPilot99

    Virtual Airline CEO Wanted

    How many pilots Rory?
  2. MooneyPilot99

    GA Questionnaire

    Hello guys, If you feel inclined, please take this short questionnaire. I am curious to know the demand for a GA flying club or virtual airline. Thank you. Link: General Aviation Airline Questionnaire
  3. Hello all, Just gonna upload the new POH here. Tell me what you guys think. Thanks, Anthony Edwards SkyWings Virtual Airlines POH.zip
  4. Hello guy, I am Lenny Cook, the Director of Human Resources for SkyWings Virtual. Our COO resigned yesterday so we are looking for a new COO. If you are interested in the position, please send an E-mail with your name as the subject to ceo@skywingsvirtual.com or support@skywingsvirtual.com Upon contact, we will arrange a time to come on to our TeamSpeak server for an interview. Thank you Lenny Cook Director of Human Resources SkyWings Virtual Airlines
  5. MooneyPilot99

    Repaint Altering

    Hello, Let me know when you are ready. I have pictures of a repaint I had made.. I need it for the 739 A320 and DC 6
  6. MooneyPilot99

    Repaint Altering

    Hey Felipe, Have not heard from the donut guy in a good while... we do need the A320 200 CFM repainted and we will be ready to rock n roll.
  7. MooneyPilot99

    Repaint Altering

    Hello, I need a repaint for the A320 by Aerosoft and the PMDG DC 6. The DC 6 will have to have a retro look. Thanks !
  8. MooneyPilot99

    Opinions please ?

    Hello guys, first off, I have my hat off to the devs here at phpvms for overhauling their site and forum. It looks amazing ! To the point now, I have had a repaint recently created for the Boeing 739 for my VA. I would like some feedback Also, I am looking for someone to do the A320 and DC-6 A-B Thanks ! SKS 739 (1).zip
  9. MooneyPilot99

    https Warning

    Am getting the same warning. I assume their security certificate has expired. They will have to renew it.
  10. MooneyPilot99

    Repaint Altering

    Hello repainters, I am looking for someone to bring a design I have for a repaint to life. I know what I want the aircraft to look like. I just need someone to paint the fleet. If you would be interested in the project, contact me at aedwards521@gmail.com and we can discuss the design and pricing if necesssary. Thank you Anthony Edwards
  11. MooneyPilot99

    How To Install The New phpVMS 4

    @KorrexelzYT last time I checked she wasn't ready, am not sure how to install but there should be a README file somewhere If you figure it out, let me know how it goes
  12. MooneyPilot99

    Logo and Repaint

    Hello guys, Looking for someone who would be willing to help us at EastLink come up with a logo as well as a repaint scheme for our aircraft. I would like to implement something on the aircraft, it is attached below in this post. We have agreed to make the colors blue and gray. The hex codes for the specific colors are BLUE: 00587A Gray: 6E706A I will pay for someone to come up with a beautiful, sleek, and modern design for the repaint and logo. Send mock up designs to ceo@flyeastlinkvirtual.com Thank you all -EastLink Virtual Airlines
  13. MooneyPilot99

    Need a website template

    I PMed you Jose , mark this forum as solved
  14. MooneyPilot99

    Need a website template

    Hello guys I am contacting you all today in hopes of finding someone who is experienced in coding and web development. I am currently starting a virtual airline called EastLink Virtual.I would like to have a front page developed for my website which will be running on PHPVMS. I am also looking for someone to create a logo and a paint scheme for the airline. Blue and Gray would be the colors unless you recommend a better idea. If you could help me out, that would be great ! Thanks.EastLink Virtual Airlines
  15. MooneyPilot99

    Seeking Custom Acars for VA

    Hello folks ! I was wondering if any of you fine gentlemen who have created custom acars in the past or are VA developers would be able to create a custom ACARS system for my virtual airline. More info given when needed. I look forward to recieving a reply soon Thanks Anthony Edwards Flex Virtual Airlines