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Phpvms isnt sending any emails


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Goto your Admin page and goto  "site/settings"  then "General settings" make sure your email is in the webmasters email address.

if it is then we can goto the next step.

goto the backend of your website where all your files are, I use notepadd ++  it helps with line numbers

1) goto "CORE" open up Local.config.php  scroll down to line 103   email settings make sure smtp is on false,, the port is 25 and "auth" is on false.

save that and then open up app.config.php  goto line 217

again make sure smtp is on False, port 25, and auth false.

then goto line 227 make sure your email you set up is on both lines for registration and new pirep.

ie Config::Set('EMAIL_NEW_REGISTRATION', 'xxxxxxxxxxxx.com');

Config::Set('EMAIL_NEW_PIREP', 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com');

then line 231 make sure also email send pirep  is set to true.

next is line 236 email return path make sure your email is in that line also

ie Config::Set('EMAIL_RETURN_PATH', 'xxxxxxxxxxx.com');


hope this helps



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