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  1. how did you remove it and where i think its in the core/modules Autoassign.php but not sure what parts i should remove, any help would be great..
  2. well thats handy isnt it, even there forum page now is down, so in away what do we do now ? who do we need to speak to ? we paid in good faith for modules.
  3. Im having same issue original password does not work try to reset it and nothing no emails no nothing and yes i have pm them still nothing, its funny how you can purchase modules but cant get any help, Im having an issue with Auto assign flights just a blank screen and top left " Error: Purchase Verification Failed. " wtf i purchased this but now that is showing.
  4. Hey guys need help with Toppilot is there a way to reset the best landing rate of all time as it seems we have quite a few people hitting very low numbers and I would just like to reset it. Cheers Wazza
  5. hey Strider thank you for your help i have an issue when importing i keep getting duplicate entry as you can see here can you please help ?
  6. Boogace

    Export Pilot List

    Thanks for that brilliant tool but is there a way to export the hours also ?.. Wazza
  7. Hey Guys something new has just come to light the side bar on the left will not minimize with the 3bars navbar button at the top and the drop down boxes on the left will not pop out and drop down they just show on the main column as you can see, can anyone help, ive been trolling through code and checking things but i cannot find whats causing it, http://prntscr.com/wa8cgp
  8. Hey everyone if anyone can help the site is still working great but noticed the live map is not showing the flight on , but the main dashboard map does this is the front page https://prntscr.com/stkcs1 and this is the live map http://prntscr.com/stmx34 im stumped on how to fix it i have tried everything i can think of but im no Dev.
  9. Hi thank you for this, but I am looking maybe to change the white background to a linear ie leave the cards white on the main page but change the colors of the left sidebar and behond the main page. I have tried your background image script but it does not work in Layout.php, it shows an error with ,<body>, where do i put it in the script ?... Thanks again for your hard work..
  10. Hi thanks again for the great skin im loving it, got it all working great now just 2 things how do i change the background colour or add an image i have trolled through Sytle.css but when i change the colours they dont change on the website ? Regards
  11. Thanks for your reply Ive managed to removed flight booking and add in basic lookup using my old schedule.php pages from a old skin called Blue Sky my previous website and I removed any links to flight booking, also If you get NO ROUTE PASSED i used your suggestion in Layout.php find this <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/avianca/assets/global/plugins/jquery-ui/jquery-ui.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script> Replace with <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.10.3/jquery-ui.min.js"></script> and bingo that fixed the no route passed and another issue i was having with VA chat. hope this helps.
  12. Thank you for that, I run multiple airlines, ie BAW, DAL and many more, do i have to create an aircraft ie. B738DAL, then B738BAW, and when you you say fake aircraft does it have to be enabled or disabled or what do you mean by fake ?. Also if you can help, I would like also not to be locked to the location where I am at LOWI and the aircraft i want to use is at KJFK, i want to keep an open airline fly anything and anywhere no matter where i am or the aircraft. if you can help that would be great as im finished moving everything over to your skin, ready for launch apart from those things.
  13. Hi Luxury goto your server settings, then on the left hand side select WIDGET, and use the server id from there, not the invite code or your name # number.
  14. Thank you for your quick response i will look at it when home again should be in the next few days. Regards Wazza
  15. Basically when i use the search function for a flight I choose an airport, and go to book the flight i have no aircraft there to choose from.
  16. Hi a Big thanks for the skin its awesome, just a quick question i may have missed a step these are my settings http://prntscr.com/sfe1nr I would like to keep an open booking system ie not locked down,, I goto Schedule search choose a random airport say EGKK but do not select aircraft or airline or arrival field I get my search results, details all wotk fine but when i goto confirm booking with Aircraft i have none of my fleet there, so cannot book a flight. hope you can help Regards Wazza
  17. Hi thanks for the reply ive managed to sort it after a few hours, thank you for your reply but i do still have a old ongoing problem route map in admin not working http://prntscr.com/rz0ewu its been an ongoing for ages just wondered how to fix it, as my acars map all works fine..
  18. Hi guys is there a way I can get the latest Navdata into my VA ?
  19. Hi I have managed to get it running but one thing puzzles me where do i get the criteria codes from ? and can I add a criteria for adding fuel while in flight ? Regards Wazza ok strike that its installed but not working there is a flight taken after i installed it and it still showing pending..
  20. hi its starting to work ive had private pm Acars main map now working but the the front page acars im using the Skyblue template
  21. Hi all if you can help i have been through the instructions now so many times, followed them to the letter but now i am missing my Acars map and my frontpage map, routemap,, Acars map - http://prntscr.com/obo4yr Front page map - http://prntscr.com/obo53b and also my routes map in admin - http://prntscr.com/obo5mm . please can anyone help its driving me insane I have been on this nearly a whole day. Kind regards Wazza
  22. Hi I would like to say thank you for all your hard work im loving this, i am also having this issue, i have read the documents to the letter and managed to get the logout page header pointed to the login page with "header('Location: '.url('/login'));" but for example if someone is not a member and just visits the website to look around they see http://prntscr.com/l8jvoe there are no menus or login or anywhere to click, also once logged in how do i get to the admin part of it ? ie if i have admin powers and nobody else ? thanks again for all your hard work.. Wazza
  23. Hi I have got it working ok but a couple of things how do i add a button for tools and the pilot profile on the dashboard i cannot see a link for pilots or profile page, the only one is to edit your profile ? great work by the way looks awesome !!! Wazza
  24. Hi guys I managed to sort it myself and just for your info here is what I done. This is just the worse Landings ie the bottom ones. <p align="center"><a href="YOUR WEBSITE URL/index.php/TouchdownStats/worst_landings/" target="_self">Click here to see the worst landing rates</a></p>
  25. Boogace

    skyBlue v1

    it would be nice when the pilots fly ie. DLH you could see the airline icon next to there name..
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