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phpvms Integrate with Ammap

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Hi, I am trying for 2 days to solve the code for the connection with all the Aiports and the Map. Where is the mistake?

// Print out rows
$airports = OperationsData::getAllAirports();
  /* Above <td> You have to put it */
foreach($airports as $airport) {
            "svgPath": targetSVG" ','
  echo '  "title": ' . $airport->name . ','
  echo '  "latitude": ' . $airport->lat . ','
  echo '  "longitude": ' . $airport->lng . ''
  echo " }";
} ?>

So I bring at least one airport ...

        "svgPath": targetSVG,
        "title": "<?php echo $airport->name; ?>",
        "latitude": <?php echo $airport->lat; ?>,
        "longitude": <?php echo $airport->lng; ?>


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