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  1. We are looking for a new system, our current phpvms (5.5) is slowly at its performance limit, because we have expanded it but Arg. We need something new and faster, but the design and structure should remain. Is there someone here who will redesign the current site for a fee? But attention, we have 2 different (front page and crew center) designs. For more detailed information please inquire via PM. Greeting Miggel www.flyedelweiss-virtual.com www.intranet.flyedelweiss-virtual.com
  2. We are looking for a new own small Acars system for Edelweiss Virtual. www.flyedelweiss-virtual.com What it must be able to - in our design and CI - work for MFS2020, P3d, fsx, fs9 and Xplane - record flight - send mail / Airmail - load simbrief data upload a cockpit screenshot every few minutes if needed - acquire divertet airports. Of course we pay for these ACARS
  3. Does anyone know how it works that "{PILOT_ID} {PILOT_FNAME} {PILOT_LNAME}" this system works?
  4. Dear user For some time now our crew center has been extremely slow. Afterwards the provider reported that PHP processes are not terminated. What could be the reason? intranet.flyedelweiss-virtual.com
  5. Is it possible with the "viewreport" page to display individual custom fields? I just need only a specific custom field, not all custom fields.
  6. hmm dosent word... i habe a blanc page
  7. Hi Community I am looking for a way to arrange the register fields mixed with standard and custom fields. Here my current form: Link to Registerform Now I would like to do it like this: TITLE Firstname Lastname Birthday (Customfield) Address (Customfield) City (Customfield) Location Email TITLE Email Passowrd Confirm Password TITLE IVAO (Customfield) VATSIM (Customfield) TITLE rest of Customfields
  8. My aim is that (Link). With Zurich in black, and the rest gos from Zurich to Destinations...
  9. Hi @all I will do an Destination Map (like this: Link). How can i do that? My Code (but only one airport work, and loadtime is very long) <?php $allairports = OperationsData::GetAllAirports(); ?> <?php foreach ($allairports as $airport) {?> <!-- Styles --> <style> #chartdiv { width: 100%; height: 500px; } </style> <!-- Resources --> <script src="https://www.amcharts.com/lib/3/ammap.js"></script> <script src="https://www.amcharts.com/lib/3/maps/js/worldLow.js"></script> <script src="https://www.amcharts.com/lib/3/plugins/export/export.min.js"></script> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://www.amcharts.com/lib/3/plugins/export/export.css" type="text/css" media="all" /> <script src="https://www.amcharts.com/lib/3/themes/none.js"></script> <!-- Chart code --> <script> /** * Define SVG path for target icon */ var targetSVG = "M9,0C4.029,0,0,4.029,0,9s4.029,9,9,9s9-4.029,9-9S13.971,0,9,0z M9,15.93 c-3.83,0-6.93-3.1-6.93-6.93S5.17,2.07,9,2.07s6.93,3.1,6.93,6.93S12.83,15.93,9,15.93 M12.5,9c0,1.933-1.567,3.5-3.5,3.5S5.5,10.933,5.5,9S7.067,5.5,9,5.5 S12.5,7.067,12.5,9z"; /** * Create the map */ var map = AmCharts.makeChart( "chartdiv", { "type": "map", "projection": "winkel3", "theme": "none", "imagesSettings": { "rollOverColor": "#089282", "rollOverScale": 3, "selectedScale": 3, "selectedColor": "#089282", "color": "#13564e" }, "areasSettings": { "unlistedAreasColor": "#15A892", "outlineThickness": 0.1 }, "dataProvider": { "map": "worldLow", "images": [ { "svgPath": targetSVG, "zoomLevel": 5, "scale": 0.5, "title": "Vienna", "latitude": 48.2092, "longitude": 16.3728 }, { "svgPath": targetSVG, "zoomLevel": 5, "scale": 0.5, "title": "<?php echo $airport->name; ?>", "latitude": <?php echo $airport->lat; ?>, "longitude": <?php echo $airport->lng; ?> }] }, "export": { "enabled": true } } ); </script> <!-- HTML --> <div id="chartdiv"></div> <?php } ?>
  10. Ich glaube nicht das du hier fündig sein wirst... sind ja alle hier in Ihrer eigenen Airline Staff... Such doch bei Facebook, IVAO Forum, oder VATSIm Forum Viel Glück.
  11. Hi Vangelis, i have your Autopirep install from Plugin Manager, but it dosent work... no Error message.
  12. How is it posible to Show the FLight Numbers without (1) (2) etc? Like WK111-1 WK111-2 Shows WK111
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