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Fatal error

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Good day,

I have a problem for send a bonus for all pirep with a landing rate under -150 on db PIREP


Yet the call is correct is I get this message "Fatal error: Call to undefined method PIREPData::getPirepData()"


If anyone would have an idea it would be cool.

Here is the code below:

$pilotbonus = "500";
$pirepinfo = PIREPData::getPirepData($pirep_details->pirepid);
if($pirep_details->landingrate <= -1 AND $pirep_details->landingrate >= -150)
	 $bonus = $pilotbonus +$pirepinfo->bonus;

 $fields = array (
	 'bonus' => $bonus,
 PIREPData::getReports($pirepinfo->pirepid, $fields);



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