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Hi Vangelis,

Ok, after new version i had a flight. 3 Problems i can see.

1- When i open new flight from my website i add altitude but when i start the flight i had to add it manually. Didn't get the altitude info from website.

2- On my website and simulator i have Kg configuration but on acars shows Lbs.

3- I have Aerosoft Airbus A320 and flap 1 but on acars shows Flaps2. They are minor problems but i want to share with you. See screenshots please.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Also flight didn't show on my live flight map. I did bid then i did other bid maybe this is the reason. After i do other flight i will let you know about this.

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Live Map Show not all Information

Not Show:

- Time of Flight

- Destination in NM what Fly it Show Only the Full NM not the NM in Live Flight how to fly

- Status: Bording, Taxi, Climb, Enroute, Descent, On Final, : Only Show Enroute

- Navpoints not Show

sorry for my bad English i hope you now what i mine

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