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WorldAcars new site migration issues

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We've setup a test site for our airline as we are making the move to a new provider. Our worldAcars doesnt work on the test site. Ive edited the URLs in settings to our new URL. I can login, get my flight bid, start my flight, end it, however i cant file my PIREP. I just get "Try Again" in red where it usually reads "PIREP Filed". I also don't  show up on the map or flight board while im flying. We are using a customized version of ACARS (by FS-Products). IEverything was copied from the old cpanel to the  new.

Is this even supported anymore?   



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Are you using a custom kACARS or kACARSII?

Check folder and file permissions on your site.

What version of PHP is the test site using?

Any errors in the site error log?

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We had to upgrade from PHPv5.3 to 7.x.

Using a custom kACARS.

No errors in the error log

Im not sure what you mean by  check your permissions

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What version of phpVMS are you using? 

What is the full version of PHP? 7.x could be 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, etc.

Does the error log show any errors since moving to the new host or using php 7.whatever? When my host forced us to PHP 7+, we had to turn on error logging using the php,ini file or the user.ini file - so something with error logging changed when they upgraded from php 5.6 to php 7+ -- at least with our host.

Check file and folder permissions - use Filezilla or the like to sign into your site via FTP and look at the file and folder permissions for the kACARS folder and kACARS files.

Another option would be to install kACARS_Free on the site and your computer and see if you can file a PIREP using kACARS_Free. Then you can possibly determine what you may need to change in your present kACARS files to make it work with you new host. But first, we need to know what PHP version you are using.......

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