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  1. You are already showing as a member of the phpVMS discord. Are you able to see the phpVMS discord now? EDIT - I still show you as a member there, but when I attempt to send you a message it says: Your message could not be delivered. This is usually because you don't share a server with the recipient or the recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends. ... Do you have direct messages set to only allow friends to send you a DM?
  2. No - functionality may return at some point after phpVMS v7 is released.
  3. Chances are you either don't have the Airmail module installed or it's installed incorrectly. Suggest you reread the install directions for the Stisla skin.
  4. ProAvia

    error skin

    Please post in English
  5. Full PHP version? MySQL or MariaDB version? Paid or free hosting?
  6. Thanks - unfortunately, my AV shows that website as "infected with URL:Blacklist". Maybe the OP can possibly get that straightened out and/or provide a different link.
  7. Do you have a website for your company? How about links to VA's you have designed for? Base price for a phpVMS v7 design? Price of options?
  8. No - at least not without a complete rewrite of the code. It would be easier to read an entirely new addon for v7.
  9. None of the payware SimPilot modules are available since he stopped developing for phpVMS several years ago. The SimPilot freeware modules are available on Github. https://github.com/DavidJClark
  10. Are you running this locally? What is "Loclcalhost/..."?
  11. Asking for a help in a message thread that hasn't seen a response in over 5 years likely won't get you an answer.
  12. phpVMS 5.5.2 template files end in ".php", not ".tpl". For skins, you can mostly just change the file names from .tpl to .php -although you may have to look in each skin file and change any reference from .tpl to .php also. Skins made specifically for phpVMS 5.5.2 will not require this modification. Some older skins made for phpVMS 2.x were also converted for use in phpVMS 5.5.2. Other skins sometimes come with the files for both versions. You may be best served initially to find a skin made specifically for phpVMS 5.5.2 - such as ones available at 209 studios. https://phpvms.209studios.com/downloads.php
  13. The Stisla skin is outdated and the author isn't active anymore. I doubt you will find someone here to help you debug that skin. You can find the original files in the Github phpVMS 5.5.2 download.
  14. https://github.com/web541/phpVMS-FltbookSystem-v2
  15. A skin has nothing to do with any data.class file. If you wish to check your files against the default, just download the archive again from Github.
  16. MySQL above 5.7.4 is probably the issue. Check with your host to see if Strict Mode is ON or OFF. Request they turn it OFF. Some hosts will, others won't. There is no known permanent fix from our end at this point in time. You can add the aircraft manually to the database via Cpanel or whatever user interface your host provides. Be sure to BACK UP YOUR DATABASE PRIOR to attempting this.
  17. phpVMS version? PHP version? MySQL or MariaDB version?
  18. What exact error? What version of PHP? What version of MySQL or MariaDB?
  19. is for PHP 7.0 thru 7.2 There may be issues on PHP 7.3 and above. No support can be given for PHP above 7.2 as I don't use those versions. You may want to consider setting up a Gmail or Outlook account for site use if all email thru tfdi hosting is blocked by MS.
  20. That wasn't there yesterday when I checked. I see they have also added the phpVMS logo to the partners section as well as the "powered by phpVMS" to the bottom of the main page. While many times it is an oversight, some developers just remove it for no logical reason. One specific developer comes to mind... In any case, glad to see that https://www.flyuva.org/ added the phpVMS attribution. I wish them well in their endeavour.
  21. What CMS are you using - phpVMS or something else? If phpVMS, do you have a no attribution license? And why wouldn't you add phpVMS to your 'partners' page?
  22. I am pretty sure you are seeing that error because you haven't fully integrated simBrief into your website. I believe the error is that it isn't getting the flight info from your site to actually populate the form and be able to send the flight data to simBrief. You may wish to check the installation details of the simBrief module again. There was also an addition download that helped with integration - maybe this one... https://github.com/andyhughes73/phpvms-simbrief-options-form
  23. Strange Check your browser console for any errors there. Yes, the template errors are probably because the XML data isn't there.
  24. Be sure url_fopen is set to ON in php. Seems the XML file is unable to load/import. Did you customize any portion of the simBrief addon? If so, revert to default. Or maybe try when using the default "crystal" skin. One other thing it may be.... check your Windows regional settings are set to "en-US" and that your decimal separator is set to a period and not a comma. simBrief uses a period and will error if a comma is used - even if region is en-US.
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