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  1. Without the information listed under "What an administrator should do now:" there is no way for anyone to know. Provide that info, and someone may be able to help.
  2. Use the URL instead. Some hosting have issues with large files.
  3. Does your hosting offer PHP 8? The latest DEV version available from Discord, Releases requires PHP 8. Do NOT use phpVMS7 Beta 4. It is too old and has issues.
  4. Look in the "Announcements" channel in Discord. MSFS broke something again and the scenery scan isn't working as intended. There is a work-around posted in that channel.
  5. Reinstall - including a new database. Be sure to use the latest DEV version, available in Discord under phpvms7, releases. The latest release required PHP 8.
  6. Luke - I received this tonight when attempting to access your website. This was from Avast AV. You may want to contact them to get it rectified.
  7. phpVMS v2.x is no longer supported. phpVMS v5.x has very limited support phpVMS v7 is fully supported. What PHP version do you intend to use? What MySQL/MariaDB version do you intend to use? Each version has specific requirements for PHP and MySQL/MariaDB. No idea of any phpVMS versions can be integrated to work with React.
  8. PHP version? phpVMS 5.5.2 will work on PHP 5.4 thru 5.6. It will throw errors with PHP 7.0 thru7.4 phpVMS will work on PHP 7.0 thru 7.2. It will throw errors with PHP 7.3 and above. Any version of phpVMS 5.x will have issues with MySQL above 5.7.4 and MariaDB above 10.1 Mostly this has to do with Strict Mode and/or no default values in the database. MySQL 8.x will not allow phpVMS 5.x to function properly. Consider upgrading to phpVMS v7. It has a steep learni g curve, but is much more robust and is in active continued development.
  9. While I have not verified it, I think someone mentioned that Asobo moved the stock airport file location.
  10. In MSFS, are you using SU9 or SU8 or another SU? Steam version or MS store version? Some have reported issues - check the 'vmsacars, #support' channel in Discord.
  11. Might I suggest following what the text in the error says. Without you supplying that needed info, it's anyones guess.
  12. It's not INTEL, it's INTL - internationalization extension. It is used for locale-aware operations. Check with your host and verify it is enabled.
  13. It seems to be working fine now.
  14. @servetas Maybe this will get you a reply.
  15. Just add a link to simBrief website to the page. There is no stand alone program. Your pilots can also use the simBrief downloader to automatically download the flight plan files they need for their addons.
  16. I see you also posted in the Discord phpVMS v7 channel about simBrief. The module here will NOT work with phpVMS v7. Be aware, there are several different versions of phpVMS. This addon module will work in phpVMS 5.5.2 (and with a small modification) and may also work in phpVMS v2.x. phpVMS v7 is a totally new program. Modules written for previous versions will NOTwork in phpVMS v7. And simBrief is already integrated into phpVMS v7 - for flights that are listed in the DB. If you want to use it for other flights in v7, you either need to use it as a stand-alone or write your own module to integrate it.
  17. Glad to hear you are doing better! I'm sure there will be some re-work on your end due to changes in phpVMS core.
  18. Please post in English. If you wish to post in another language, also include the English translation.
  19. It's more than just a Strict Mode issue. Strict Mode is OFF in the MariaDB 10.2 instance he uses. It probably has more to due with an empty value in the default aircraft table for this specifc instance. Shared hosting is being used and Strict Mode has been verified as OFF by his host. But it's possible a similar hack will work - at least in the short term.
  20. 1 - quit changing/adding aircraft, schedules, etc. every 6 months 2 - direct DB manipulation - use caution with this 3 - start planning to upgrade to phpVMS v7 - a big undertaking given your present operation 4 - you already know the other option you've used in the past
  21. That's because your hosting is on MariaDB 10.2. phpVMS has issues with importing with MariaDB 10.2 There is no solution at this point - except direct manipulation of the DB. This isn't for the faint of heart and shouldn't be attempted if you don't know exactly what you are doing. And you should back up the DB before even attempting.
  22. This skin hasn't been supported for quite some time and has a few unresolved issues. The developer hasn't been around the forum in ages. Suggest you find another skin to use. Better yet, upgrade to phpVMS v7.
  23. That is basically how it's done in the real world. There is a cost per flight hour, maybe extra for catering. And if you keep the aircraft on standby for your use, there is a daily minimum even if you don't fly it. As a charter customer, you are paying for the aircraft, fuel, crew, maintenance, landing fees, etc. You can do the same with phpVMS, and base the cost on flight time.
  24. phpVMS 5 what? There are several versions of phpVMS v5. 5.5.2 Did this hotfix he provided work to fix your site?
  25. phpVMS version? PHP version? MySQL or MariaDB version? What was the last thing you or another admin changed?
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