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  1. That wasn't there yesterday when I checked. I see they have also added the phpVMS logo to the partners section as well as the "powered by phpVMS" to the bottom of the main page. While many times it is an oversight, some developers just remove it for no logical reason. One specific developer comes to mind... In any case, glad to see that https://www.flyuva.org/ added the phpVMS attribution. I wish them well in their endeavour.
  2. What CMS are you using - phpVMS or something else? If phpVMS, do you have a no attribution license? And why wouldn't you add phpVMS to your 'partners' page?
  3. I am pretty sure you are seeing that error because you haven't fully integrated simBrief into your website. I believe the error is that it isn't getting the flight info from your site to actually populate the form and be able to send the flight data to simBrief. You may wish to check the installation details of the simBrief module again. There was also an addition download that helped with integration - maybe this one... https://github.com/andyhughes73/phpvms-simbrief-options-form
  4. Strange Check your browser console for any errors there. Yes, the template errors are probably because the XML data isn't there.
  5. Be sure url_fopen is set to ON in php. Seems the XML file is unable to load/import. Did you customize any portion of the simBrief addon? If so, revert to default. Or maybe try when using the default "crystal" skin. One other thing it may be.... check your Windows regional settings are set to "en-US" and that your decimal separator is set to a period and not a comma. simBrief uses a period and will error if a comma is used - even if region is en-US.
  6. What are the contents of line 12 in the .../modules/SimBrief/SimBrief.php file? What do you mean by a "modified version of phpvms 5.5.x"? What exact version? Look in the lower right corner of the admin panel. What version of MySQL or MariaDB?
  7. The issue could be that phpVMS 2.1.936 doesn't work well with PHP 5.6 Also, phpVMS 2.x and 5.5.x don't work well with MySQL above 5.7.4 Chances are you will find more issues, especially when attempting to import airports, schedules and aircraft. 2.1.936 is very old and no longer actively supported.
  8. phpVMS version? PHP version? MySQL/MariaDB version? What modules are you using? Are you using the FltBook module?
  9. You may want to review the VATSIM API to find what is required. Or maybe contact VATSIM directly and ask them.
  10. Follow the troubleshooting section in the link Nabeel provided above. Try connecting from your phone using your data plan - not while connected to your normal internet provider. Flush your DNS cache. Contact your ISP support.
  11. Then something is wrong on your end. I and several others have no issue connecting to vmshost.io Posting here asking for vmshost to do something isn't going to fix an issue on your end. Have you tried clearing your browser cache or using a different browser? Press CTRL+F5 Have you turned off internet on your iPhone and used your data plan to access vmshost? This will cause your phone to pull a new/different IP address while on the data plan... this may help you figure out the issue.
  12. https://vmshost.io/ You will need to sign into your account there.
  13. As suggested, send in a ticket. It appears to be working fine for most. Maybe there is an issue on your setup.
  14. Hmm, the first error shows that you didn't select an aircraft.
  15. We need lots more info from you. Just saying it isn't working . phpVMS version? PHP version? MySQL or MariaDB version? What ACARS solution are you using? Is error reporting on in php.ini file? Any errors showing in error_log file? Any errors showing in browser console? Where did you insert the Google Maps API key - filename and exact location? As I stated on Discord, you need to seek answers to this here as there are many variables in play and Discord is for short answers - especially when working with older versions of phpVMS.
  16. I don't believe there is a way to assign awards manually in v7. There was in prior versions though.
  17. Might help people see what your VA is about if you post a link to your website .
  18. As @Parkho suggests, back up your database first. Then, if it doesn't do what you think, you can always restore. I always thought it recalculated the PIREP count - but I've never had a reason to use it on my live site. But I have been wrong before (just ask my wife 🤣).
  19. What phpVMS version? If 2.x -or5.x - need to know full version number. PHP version? If using PHP 5.6, use phpVMS 5.5.2 How did you switch from MariaDB 10.3 to MariaDB 10.1? Same hosting package? Strict Mode ON or OFF?
  20. As in free hosting? Honestly, don't waste your time as several (many) things won't work correctly - especially with phpVMS v7.
  21. Your best option is to upgrade to phpVMS 7. It will work in PHP 7.3, 7.4 and 8.0 If you choose to upgrade, use the current phpVMS 7 dev build. Do NOT use beta 4. You will NOT be able to use your phpVMS 2.x or 5.5.2 database.
  22. All phpVMS 7 posts go in the phpVMS 7 forum section, not in the v2, v5 section. I will move this post. phpVMS v7 beta 4 is quite old and out of date. Join the phpVMS Discord (see link in menu at top of page) and look in the releases channel for the latest dev build. You aren't going to get much support for beta 4 at this point. There may be a way to block IP addresses or ranges of addresses in your hosting panel (cPanel) or you may be able to find a way to use '.htaccess' or 'php.ini' files. Suggest you check with your host to see which is the preferred method.
  23. Captcha version? phpVMS version? PHP version? MySQL or MariaDB version? I believe you can block an IP range. You need to look at your server stats to find the IP addresses associated with these registrations.
  24. Moved to Paid Services forum. What type of support will you offer with the offered installation?
  25. While you have written the code for the MYBB side, I believe you will need to write a custom module for phpVMS which will parse the needed data and interface with your MYBB code. There is not presently a module or script to do what you are wanting to do.
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