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Welcome to the official pandaair virtual airline. We recreated after three years of pause our website and virtual airline structures.

What do we offer?

  • fly "real" with fuel costs and taxes
  • a really friendly community of real pilots and hobby (computer)-pilots
  • an extraordinary designed website (including dark theme for the night pilots 😉 and https for web-security)
  • pandaair acars (smartCARs)
  • pandaair liveries for different simulators and aircrafts
  • custom website modules
  • pandaair teamspeak 3 and discord server
  • and much more

We look forward to receiving your application. ☺️

Sincerely - PandaAir.

About us: https://crew.pandaair.de/index.php/geschichte

Website: https://www.crew.pandaair.de

preferred language: german

Information: You can change the language of the site in the upper right corner ✈️

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