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  1. Looks good! Maybe you can fix the copyright footer on the bottom of the page.
  2. Updated module to v1.9 ☺️✔️ How to update? Just download the module new and upload & replace it on your server. Please backup your files before updating.
  3. Does it work with this? <?php MainController::Run('InstantWeather', 'get_metar', ''); ?>
  4. Hi Rick! The module looks for the pilots last accepted pirep arrival airport. Thats the "current position airport". It took this and show it's weather. I've implemented a PHP get method that you can set the airports icao. To do this you have the url and you just add ?icao=ICAO_HERE - in my case: http://phpvms.philippdalheimer.de/index.php/instantweather?icao=eddf To do this, please update the module. There should be a update link in the module. Or just check out the news on github. Hope it solves your problem, Rick! 🙂
  5. Hey Rick, do you mean to show ONLY the complete metar info for the airport?
  6. You're welcome Can you tell me which airline you have?
  7. Hey LeeCley2017! I tested it on my computer with the phpvms 5.5.2 and get the warnings at the top of the page: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by [...] To solve this, you just have to cut out line 1-6 in core > modules > InstantWeather > InstantWeather.php <!--/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////InstantWeather Module v1.3 for phpvms by Philipp Dalheimer//// //////////////////////www.philippdalheimer.de////////////////////// ///+ DO NOT EDIT + FOR FREE USE + PHPVMS FORUM: MrDonutButter +//// //////////
  8. Hi, I'll Look at your issue at monday when I'm at home
  9. Hi LeeCley2017, I tested it on PHPVMS Version 2.1.936 - Not in the 5.5. What do you mein with DOV? Do you cam explain your issue more precise? Regards
  10. Hey, I was in Spain and now I'm back at home today afternoon.
  11. Do you guys still need the paints?
  12. Hey, can you tell which aircraft(s)?
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