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  1. Looks good! Maybe you can fix the copyright footer on the bottom of the page.
  2. Updated module to v1.9 ☺️✔️ How to update? Just download the module new and upload & replace it on your server. Please backup your files before updating.
  3. Does it work with this? <?php MainController::Run('InstantWeather', 'get_metar', ''); ?>
  4. Hi Rick! The module looks for the pilots last accepted pirep arrival airport. Thats the "current position airport". It took this and show it's weather. I've implemented a PHP get method that you can set the airports icao. To do this you have the url and you just add ?icao=ICAO_HERE - in my case: http://phpvms.philippdalheimer.de/index.php/instantweather?icao=eddf To do this, please update the module. There should be a update link in the module. Or just check out the news on github. Hope it solves your problem, Rick! 🙂
  5. Hey Rick, do you mean to show ONLY the complete metar info for the airport?
  6. You're welcome Can you tell me which airline you have?
  7. Hey LeeCley2017! I tested it on my computer with the phpvms 5.5.2 and get the warnings at the top of the page: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by [...] To solve this, you just have to cut out line 1-6 in core > modules > InstantWeather > InstantWeather.php <!--/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////InstantWeather Module v1.3 for phpvms by Philipp Dalheimer//// //////////////////////www.philippdalheimer.de////////////////////// ///+ DO NOT EDIT + FOR FREE USE + PHPVMS FORUM: MrDonutButter +//// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////--> <?php class InstantWeather extends CodonModule { [...] } ?> To make it simple I've uploaded a new version of the module. So you just have to download the version 1.4 and try it again. It could be, that this causes your error with the DOV. If you've tested it out, please contact me again if it works. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I'll Look at your issue at monday when I'm at home
  9. Hi LeeCley2017, I tested it on PHPVMS Version 2.1.936 - Not in the 5.5. What do you mein with DOV? Do you cam explain your issue more precise? Regards
  10. Hey, I was in Spain and now I'm back at home today afternoon.
  11. Do you guys still need the paints?
  12. Hey, can you tell which aircraft(s)?
  13. ++ UPDATED TO VERSION 1.3 ++ You can now change the displayed temperature between fahrenheit and celsius. Download / Update: https://goo.gl/W7FW32
  14. Just additional to the website: I would change the link hover in the menu section to none. So just a color by hovering but not the underline font Site looks good. The concept too! Regards
  15. Oh okay! But my internet and PC is normally really fast and no website takes so long to load Maybe an issue with the preloader? I dont know --> now it works
  16. I've a question about the website: Why does it load sooo long? There's so long the preloader. It only disappear if I go to the source code in "Chrome" and delete the preloader. And the navigationbar isn't there on many pages. Pro: The website has a very good and modern look. It's clear and structured - well done. Regards, Philipp
  17. Hmm..You can maybe delete it for mobile devices?
  18. Fixed some display issues (°C) in version 1.2
  19. Added in Version 1.1 - thanks! http://philippdalheimer.de/phpvms-demo-1/index.php/instantweather
  20. Mh... I tried something like this, is it correct? I first added a function public function get_metar() { echo "HELLO"; } and then I added the code in my frontpage_main <?php MainController::Run('InstantWeather', 'get_metar()'); ?> Nothing happens. Even if I declare a new variable in the get_metar() function and ask for it in the frontpage. Any ideas?
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