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Good Afternoon Everyone, 

My name is Michael i have been in the virtual airline world now for some time developing new software for phpvm and also making the phpvms experience a vast improve to the default version. My self and Carlos have been working hard a fully customised variant of phpvms using alot of different modules custom built into phpvms to run smoother. 


We offer a complete package on a year basis for your airline to be hosted in the cloud and be be ran or fast cloud hosting and also to be able to  edit any of your features at the push of a support ticket. We also offer live chat within the airline free this isn't a phpvms module this is designed to work with phpvms just for us. 


The price starts at £40 to order your airline then a small fee each month of £10 to keep your airline updated and keep the maintain updated. You will run the airline as your own as once the airline is created it would be down to the owner to make there own home page we only and will only ever remain as the airline software holder. 


Our home page is currently at VASSCLOUD.COM which is still having updates to it also so things will look different while the final stages are in. 


I have a promotion going on for the first 2 people to contact to have there airline for free so far i have 1 spot left that means they will have there airline cost free but monthly costs once there airline is up and running will start. 


If you want more information then don't hesitate to hit me up.


Kind Regards 


Michael & Carlos

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