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  1. is is our new look at vEnergy Air produced by FSvas
  2. i have join my airline and also my Group as well which i designed and it has other airlines as well
  3. vEnergy Air , often known as Energy Air, is a British low cost carrier based at Edinburgh Airport and London Standsted, England. vEnergy Air is a growing airline and also a new airline to the UK networks of Vatsim. Its main base and headquarters is at Edinburgh Airport, with further bases at Manchester, Glasgow, London Luton, Leeds Bradford, Newcastle. The CEO of the Airline Michael Poole has gained the airline the right to hold UK CAA Type A Operating Licence to carry passengers, cargo on aircraft with 20 or more seats. vEnergy Air also offers a Cargo Only Service through its vEnergy Cargo brand. We are an exciting new airline to bring low cost holidays to the UK using Bio and Renewable fuel, we have great handling agent at EGPH and EGSS as we have taken on a 2 year deal with Menzies Aviation as the CEO us to be a employee of theirs he secured the best deal to the airline. we also offer flight as far as the Middle East and also to the USA twice Daily as well from EGPH. Yours Sincerely Michael Poole vEnergy Air CEO FSvas CEO vEnergy Air Website FSvas Main Site
  4. So I have just started using Xplane 11 and I would like to use a wicked tracker for my airline but I don’t which to use if there is any as Xacars is rubbish and you can’t submit your flights. Any ideas.
  5. Hi there Sir Please see your PMs
  6. i have also sent you a PM as well with the total costing for all in and also image attached as well for what you would like like as your VA
  7. Welcome to vEnergy Air, We are proud to announce the release of vEnergy Air the first British airline that will use renewable fuel and also bio fuel for the main bulk of its flights, we are here as a new airline mainstream and also low cost as well to all the favourite holiday destinations around the world. We have had all our command systems for pilots to use all finally completed and we have had a over haul of a system created by the owner of FSvas, they have built a customer CMS for all our pilots to use t o have there flights to be carried out with a short period of notice. We are proud to state we have our own customer fleet of 737 , 747 , 777 with the future to progress to having Airbus aircraft as well . We have got to be able to save money as an airline to grow as a company in the long run we have started our operations from EGPH,EGNX for all our passenger operations and EGSS for all our Cargo ops as well operated from the south of England. We would also like to say a massive thank you to FSvas for getting us all set up with there complete package from Hosting to CMS system ready with no issues. for the link please visit fsvas.co.uk/venergyair
  8. i have posted if you need in your inbox please ready
  9. People who could do pmdg liveries please PM me as I am in need of a couple ? In a rush to get x2 done for 747 777
  10. Is I no why Android is better hahah
  11. My name is Michael Poole I am CEO of Star Systems, I ah e created a virtual Airline based off British Airline West Atlantic. My business idea is to be able to create as close to life like simulation for pilots from being able to use a fully updated CMS system that allows only 1 pilot to fly a certain flight once that flights has been flown the aircraft and pilot will have to do the return leg otherwise they would be stranded like in real life. The administration side of things is where it will be close to real as possible, so CEO or Operations will be able to purchase, lease or sell aircraft to gain money for there airline to be able to maintain full fiancial control over there airlines funding. Every airline will have a started small size fleet depending on airline be based off and then what would happen each airline would need to buy new or lease aircraft to gain more profit, I will also making sure that this also allows the aircraft to gain damage on hard landings or not using correct pilot systems within the skies such as Anti Ice. The administration team would then have to send the aircraft to maintenance for a set amount of days. With buy or leasing aircraft , we will be simulating the whole procedure allowing us to fly delivery flights from the manufacturer and also to be able to take the aircraft to Air Livery based at EGCC where there it will only be allowed into operation when the airline has managed to complete a full Livery for the aircraft. We will also be simulating full expenses such as Staff Wages , Ground Agents , Cargo storage , plus many more. This issue the simulation pilots who want a full flight simulation experience with the mass amount off business that would be done as well behind the screens lol. So for Example. vWest has manage to secure an agreement with IAG for the lease of 3 747 and 3 777ERF to operate Trans Atlantic and long haul to the Middle East. We also have bought out right a number of modern 737 600F variants to replace the used 400F variants and we plan to gain and expand operations to different parts of the world to gain a more stable foothold in the FTSE 100
  12. Evening All, I am proud to announce within the next few weeks the release of the Blizzard system from Start System 's will be released, the first airline to get the new CMS is vWest Atlantic. there CEO has been helping us through the transition to get the new system up and running in a matter of weeks. the final touches are being done
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