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Route Creation - help

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Hey guys,

I have a question about PHPVMS route planning.


When creating a route it has the following data:

Flight Number - Origin - Destination - Departure time - Arrival time - Days of the week etc


My question is related to the departure and arrival time:

Is this based on real time or time in the sim?

e.g. If its based on real time and I have a route which leaves at 6am, then if I wanted to fly it at 10am, I wouldnt be able too?

But if it was based on the customisation of sim time, like offline. Then i'd be able to fly it at any time of the day, as long as the sim is set to the correct time?


I'm sorry if this all sounds confusing. I'm very confused myself in trying to understand the timing part of route planning.


Any help is greatly appreciated. :)


Thanks, Sam.

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It's really up to the VA to determine how their times are set. Ideally, it would be set at real time and the sim time would be the same as the real time, but it should be up to the VA to have a policy in place to make sure all times are uniform across the board (not mixing sim and real). It's also up to the VA to determine when it is appropriate to complete the flight, so there might be a policy that states you must fly the flight at the specified time, or it could be flown at any time.

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