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  1. Only Top Ten Domiciles

    Try this <table width="100%"> <?php echo '<td width="250px" valign="top">'; echo '<table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="1">'; echo '<th width="150px"><div align="left">Country Location</div></th>'; echo '<th width="100px"><div align="center">Pilots</div></th>'; $country_info = DB::get_results('SELECT COUNT(pilotid) as total, location FROM '.TABLE_PREFIX.'pilots GROUP BY location LIMIT 10'); foreach($country_info as $country) { echo '<tr>'; echo '<td align= "left">'; echo '<img src="'.Countries::getCountryImage($country->location).'" /> '; echo Countries::getCountryName($country->location); echo '</td>'; echo '<td align="center">'; echo ' ('.$country->total.')'; echo '</td>'; echo '</tr>'; } echo '</table>'; ?> </table>
  2. [SOLVED] Forms with errors

    Has this always been happening, or is it just with the new skin? Also, can you pm me the link to your site.
  3. Go into core/common/ForumData and find all of these public function and replace them with this public static function and that should fix it.
  4. [SOLVED] Forms with errors

    Check that your browser console doesn't have any errors (could be a jQuery issue). Also, check that the forms have an method of POST not GET <form action="xxxx" method="post"> ... </form>
  5. The local.config.php doesn't need to be changed too much, but rather a few other files. Have you followed the tutorial here? https://www.virtualairlines.eu/index.php/Blog
  6. Error on PIREP Approval

    Hmmm, never seen this one before. In lib/fonts, do you have a file called Silkscreen.ttf? That's where the local.config.php points to for this under Config::Get('SIGNATURE_FONT_PATH'); Fonts directory should look like this https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x/tree/master/lib/fonts Also, check that the permissions on the file and the fonts folder are set correctly.
  7. inair Icon Disapears[solved]

    Have you checked your browser console? Could be a jQuery issue as Bootstrap 4 uses a higher version than phpVMS does.
  8. Live Map Not Showing Images

    Are you sure that .BoundsBounds and .Bounds are functions in the js Google Maps API? They might be but last time I checked they weren't. And also, there is no need to use an iframe in this circumstance due to the nature of how phpVMS works. Are you running PHP 7.0 at the moment?
  9. (Solved)Cannot import airports

    The 'phpvms' API server is currently down (or at least responds differently to phpvms < 7.0), you can either use this or just wait until phpVMS v7.0 is released (I believe you can fiddle with it in alpha at the moment) Another option is to manually add each airport from an online source and it should work as normal if you don't have too many to add.
  10. AutoAssign CrazyCreations

    Inside core/common/AutoAssignData, find all of these public function change them to this public static function And that should work. If it doesn't, then it's being called elsewhere and you'll have to wait for a reply considering the module is payware.
  11. Compatible Admin Templates?

    Ah ok that's much easier then. Have you skinned before? Try this link The template you're using might be slightly different in the way things are displayed and linked, but as long as the phpVMS variables are in there, it should work as normal. If you have tried to skin it, what problems have you had?
  12. Compatible Admin Templates?

    The phpVMS Admin Center (although it can be skinned), was not made to be. It is using very old (and deprecated) jQuery and AJAX functions which are not compatible with most new templates out there. I have had somewhat success making one in the past, but it takes a huge effort getting around all the bugs and mishaps on every page which is why there aren't any available. Also note that unless you update all the js functions and their interactions, the most current version phpVMS needs is jQuery 1.8.3 (from memory) before things start breaking. The easiest thing is to use the default admin skin until phpVMS 7 is fully ready, then that will be much easier to customize.
  13. Rank progress

    Check here https://forum.phpvms.net/topic/8681-percentage-to-rank/
  14. Pirep does not accept

    You have jQuery version 3.0 as you've said, this is way too high for phpVMS to handle (as the backend is driven by really old code). You can try replacing the admin/lib/phpvmsadmin.js file with the one attached here, but if it doesn't work, you'll have to do a few more things (or just revert back to the default). phpvmsadmin.js.zip
  15. Pirep does not accept

    Check your browser console. Also, there are a number of jQuery issues with the admin panel, so for instance the version cannot be higher than 1.8.3 because some of the default functions are not supported in later versions (you could change these and update them though, they're in adminfunctions.js from memory). I would say this is your problem, so either sort out the jQuery issues or revert back to the default template.