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very long pirep transfer


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I open this topic because I encounter a problem with my site.
In fact, the transfer time from the pireps is very long (2min and more). One of our pilots informed me that on another VA it was instant (with the same tracker)
Which leaves me to think that we have a concern.
We use phpvms 5.5 on a PHP 5.6, we are in dedicated hosting, which should not be a problem of resources.
We have +950 pilots and soon 98,000 worseps.
We use smartcars as a tracker.
The pireps are not transmitted completely (the rawdata for example does not arrive), which poses concerns for the rest of the phpvms script (positioning of the pilot, end of a lap step, etc ...)

It's been a few times that I have been looking for little or no concern, but I cannot put my finger on the problem.

If you have any leads, or questions, don't hesitate .. this is starting to become problematic.


Bests Regards

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