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CrewOps - Alpha Version 1 Crew Operations Skin - Under Development


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Hello everyone,

 I have been developing a skin for PHPvms v7.  

The skin is based off ProUI,


I have attached some images to show some of the pages for the skin,


If you would like more information please feel free to contact me.

Please note this is a different skin from my not to be confused with my Bravo Skin

This is skin is a payware skin

Please note you are required to purchase your own license to use the theme prior to me being able to send you the files and proof of purchase will be required for me to validate.

log in page.jpg



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Just now, DisposableHero said:

Great :) Thanks for the clarification.


For the news, you can use 

{!! ... !!}

instead of 

{{ ... }}

blade feature to have basic html tags/formatting ;)



Thank you, at the minute the news is just there. I am still playing around with the theme. trying to decide what will look best were etc. 

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