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  1. I suggest updating your phpvms v7 (and using latest dev version). That setting (for notifications and API access) is not being used anymore... This is how it looks;
  2. Hi, It is already disabled in latest beta versions of vmsAcars. Until it becomes stable, and if you do not want to wait, you can have a custom code for rejecting pireps of pilots using that feature too
  3. You should not be playing with the core config files directly, just define it in your env.php only /** * DO NOT EDIT THIS OR ANY OF THE CONFIG FILES DIRECTLY * IF YOU DO, YOU NEED TO RESTORE THOSE CHANGES AFTER AN UPDATE */ # GRAVATAR DEFAULT GRAVATAR_DEFAULT_AVATAR='https://latamv.com.br/piloto.png' And then clean your application cache for the env changes to be recognized. Kindly visit Admin > Maintenance page
  4. My pleasure... Great to hear you found it and fixed
  5. Check your laravel logs and please spare some time to read https://docs.phpvms.net/help , specially sections about Information Required and Log Locations. Most probably you either have a typo error in your timetable or an airport is causing that, more details will be in your logs. Good luck
  6. Check your laravel logs, you will find errors in it (100%). This is a clear sign of something not working, maybe an expense, or an award etc you defined or enabled. Anyway, when you share the error details, then people can try helping you, without logs no one can help you. https://docs.phpvms.net/help Please spare some time, check that page and read it, what information is needed, where are the logs etc all explained there and every day we are repeating this, no longs no help Sorry but this is the truth, we are here to help. Without proper details only God will know the reason of that error and unfortunately he is not sharing that knowledge with us (but you can do it). Best wishes
  7. God please, do NOT do this That image you posted gives you a link (from official phpvms documents site), kindly explains what to do in simple English terms (use Google translate if necessary). And again kindly warns you with this about NOT sharing that screenshot. Despite all, you are providing ZERO info and sharing that page screenshot for asking help. This is simply wasting everyone's time, nothing more. No once can help you if you continue doing exact opposite of what is required. My solution for now; If default theme works, switch to it and do not use my addons until you figure out what was the problem. When you do that, we can try to help. Best wishes
  8. Probably a folder permission issue or a browser problem. Some users reported 503 problems with Chrome but the same page was working with Firefox. Give it a shot or check your file/folder permissions.
  9. Above link clearly shows how to "activate" it. @widget('DBasic::JumpSeat', ['base' => 0.25, 'price' => 'auto', 'hubs' => true]) It is not something you will go to admin menu and click to enable/disable to use, you need to study v7 theme logic, edit files, place widgets where you want according to your theme etc. I can not explain here the basics of html/php file editing, laravel blade and phpvms v7 theme logic. Check docs, also inspecting v7 themes may help to see how things done, I am sure phpvms discord and forum has some examples too (asked questions and given replies may include nice clues). Good luck and God speed
  10. https://github.com/FatihKoz/DisposableBasic#jumpseat-travel
  11. Sorry, I have no more time for today. You basically need to have some html and css (stylesheet) editing knowledge, best you need to study laravel theme basics if you want to edit the theme, logos, colors, style etc. Check forums and docs, also there are lots of answers in phpVms Discord (v7 questions channel, or addons channel) Good luck on that too
  12. if you want to use the provided "pt-br" translations edit your env.php file find APP_LOCALE=en line change it to APP_LOCALE=pt-br save the file go to admin section, then maintenance clean application cache visit your site, translation will be applied If you want to change the provided "pt-br" and have your own translation go to "resources/lang" folder duplicate "pt-br" folder, name it as you like (something like "br" or "br-br" will be ok) check the contents of that new folder edit the files with an editor without braking the syntax if you need to change something then apply the above process, but this time instead of APP_LOCALE=pt-br, use your own created folder name like APP_LOCALE=br or APP_LOCATE=br-br Good luck and God speed
  13. I got you, some hosting companies place subdomains under the main "public_html" (which is odd but they do this) So try creating a submain first : crew.balkanfly.net It's document root will be something like "/public_html/crew" at first. Then at the screenshot you send, you will see it at subdomains section, click on the pen icon for the document root Change it to "/public_html/crew/public" If you can not do this on your own, just tell your hosting support to do that. What you need is to create a subdomain which has its own document root set as public (Option 1) Then you can unpack the latest dev version in "/public_html/crew" folder. Good luck
  14. Also if you want something more precise like "br-br" you can just duplicate that "pt-br" folder, rename it and customize the translations as necessary. Then you need to use that language in your env.php (as APP_LOCALE, which is by default EN) Good luck
  15. How can a hosting does not allow creating subdomains, it is free for ages (maybe more than 20 years or so)... Every hosting should allow creation and usage of subdomains as long as you have domain. Anyway, Option 2 is simple too, but if you can not make it work yourself, getting some professional help may be required (from your hosting provider) as it may be tricky on some servers. But either way, Option 1 is the most used and simple / fast way to have v7 (under a subdomain, separate from your main page / landing page) but it is really not possible then you need use Option 2 of course.
  16. 404 is simple, it says the file it needs is not there. Also it may be an .htaccess issue too. Are you 100% sure you get the full pack (including vendors) or just pulled from github without them ? http://downloads.phpvms.net/phpvms-7.0.0-dev.tar.gz (This is the latest dev build) I am using Laragon 5 for my local server needs, if you are on Windows you can try installing v7 without the VM trick by using Laragon too. It will be less painful
  17. This is always the latest development build : http://downloads.phpvms.net/phpvms-7.0.0-dev.tar.gz Download it, but as ProAvia said, it needs at minimum php8. So; If you are on VPS you need to install php8 (or better 8.1) first, configure it if necessary. If you are on SHARED HOSTING then you need to speak with your host about php8 (or better php8.1) availability. VPS setup may be tricky (you need to do it yourself or may need some outside professional support) but SHARED HOSTING setup is simple and easy. Just you need to follow https://docs.phpvms.net/installation/uploading this page OPTION 1 : Creating Subdomain part. It has pictures from CPanel and it will look similar in your setup too. For an experienced user, creating subdomain, uploading files, setting up db and installing v7 takes max 10-15 minutes (most of the time less). For a starter it may take around 30 minutes by following the docs step by step with double checking everything. Good luck, hope you can manage to install it
  18. Hi, I have a module and a widget doing what you need, but it works inside phpvms so it will not fit your needs as far as I understood. If you are ok with php/laravel and can create a custom module for yourself, what you need is to read live flights (actually live pireps) data from v7. Technically it would be the easiest step though, just getting a model with its relationships from a laravel, or more basic way reading from a database table with some joins (if you are willing to go that way of course). Don't get this wrong but the example you request will be the final step and it will be something like this {{ $liveflight->aircraft->registration }} for blade, <?php echo $liveflight->aircraft->registration ?> for plain php. For this to work, you need to complete steps 1 and 2 and then pass that data to somewhere, process it as you need etc. I know, writing this is easy but the process will take time, trial and errors, fine tunings according to your needs too. So no one can give you a working example for what you need at the moment. Good luck
  19. It may not be related to the latest MSFS changes though. Screenshot says that the initial scan is not completed at all, after that step (it scans and finds some airports, like 4-5 and database gets generated) it gives a different error (like ICAO '.....' NOT FOUND)
  20. Yeah, that lines you read simply says "The latest commit, potentially unstable" (technically it may be buggy or may have things not working etc). But at all the pages you can download latest beta it says "not to download the beta 'cause it is too old" A little bit confusing but be assured, Latest DEV build is the one you need. It is stable and up to date, offers much more features and php8.x ready (in fact works only with php8.x and up) Glad you figured it out and installed the latest development build (latest dev or dev in short).
  21. Did you installed latest dev build or beta.4 ? In latest dev builds, mails are by default written to log until you finish that setup/configuration. So you can check your logs to get the reset link too My personal preference would be re-installing too, as you are not able to login after a new install, you have nothing to lose or worry about yet. Good luck
  22. Hi, There is no easy or pre-built / default way for what you think or need. It is still possible of course, but you need to code it yourself to fit your needs and system. Logic is simple; 1. Read live flights data (or anything you need) from phpvms v7 2. Convert it to an universal format for other applications of your VA to read 3. Read that converted data and process (Live Flights Board, Custom Live Map etc) (You may need to build your own module for 1 and 2) As long as you can develop things on your own, everything is possible. If you are not able to code things, then it will be really hard to achieve custom outputs like you wish. Hope this helps, God speed and good luck.
  23. Hi, most probably this is not a bug. As no one experienced it until today except you and there is no reason for the flights to disappear by their own without a clue. There were no changes done to the core code about how they are recorded and/displayed. Did you checked your database when this happened ? (Very important to debug the process) Was the flights table empty when you checked ? (Points out a database problem rather than a bug) Or was it full of flights with field values active = 0 / visible = 0 (or active = 1, visible = 0) ? (Points out a schedule problem rather than a bug) Or was it full of flights with field values active = 1 / visible = 1 ? (Points out a v7 settings mismatch rather than a bug) So if it happens again, please provide more info as per the docs before acting on your own. Only then we can understand what is going on (and maybe why it is happening) to prevent future problems. For future reference; https://docs.phpvms.net/help https://docs.phpvms.net/help#exporting-data-for-troubleshooting Safe flights
  24. They can't... Because vmsAcars only supports x64 operating systems (64bit), and there is no x86 support (32bit). In this context, earliest supported operating system is Windows XP x64 (really tricky and may fail mostly), next one is Windows 7 x64 (runs better compared to XP). Both of these are limited up to a certain version though, so even if your pilots do upgrade their systems they will need some specific vmsAcars versions and may miss some features. Best practice is to move on, upgrade equipment and software to follow standards. Second options for those pilots is to send Manual Pireps. Safe flights
  25. If you are planning to have a landing page, then it is highly advised to install phpvms v7 to a subdomain, you can find the details at installation guide (here at forum) and the details about uploading at docs. https://docs.phpvms.net/installation/uploading According to your explanation, it is clear that you are doing something wrong 'cause it is not needed to edit index.php etc for a proper install.
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