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Starfly Alliance starts working


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Dear virtual pilots,

Yesterday, october 24th, we finally opened Starfly Alliance Web Site. This Virtual Airline Alliance was founded on August 16th by JAL Virtual and SkyJet Virtual Airlines and we recently added Malaysia Virtual Airlines as a new member. This new organization aims to make codeshare agreedment among its members, to share ideas and resources, to organize events, etc.

We would like you to visit Starfly Alliance at www.starflyalliance.co.cc and if you want your virtual airline to become a member you apply from now on.

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Its a great idea but i think you should of completed the website first as destinations takes me to coming soon, events takes me to coming soon and the forum takes me to a hosting company. Once its completed i might think about signing up FlyFlorida.

Oh yeah also there is a few typo's on the english home page,

ains = aims

creat = create

comunity = community

resourses = resources

also not a big one but i notice you have website spelt as Web Site in the first line.


FlyFlorida CEO.

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Hi Tom. Yes, there are some mistakes because of typing. But I do not underteand what you mean with the destinations area, as we do not have any event scheduled this section shows "No event scheduled".

The Destinations area is incomplete, Plus there isn't really any need to include destinations of each individual airline.

I personally think you should utilise the alliance as a group which gets together maybe every 2/3months and has an event each pilot representing their airline in the alliance. Also to share ideas.

Just a little suggestion of mine, otherwise its great!


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