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  1. Yeah mate thanks, Im on http://www.integratedpirepsystem.com/ so hopefully I can get this lol, I got to that site by going through that "Jasper Bussemaker". Thanks mate ! Cant wait to hear from you tomorrow !
  2. Does anyone have the server files ?
  3. This is for a side project, so I wont be using phpVMS but i thought some people may know this here.
  4. Hi All, Could anyone help me here, I'm looking to find out how to set up my own FSInn server that will automatically log flights to my website and to a specific pilot. I know this must not be easy but cant seem to see this anywhere. Any help will be great.
  5. No mate think youl find theres constructive criticism then being rude ?
  6. Can I just say I’m very happy with the work and commitment that was put in to the repaint by UKMIL ? It was myself that requested the flag, and can I just say some of the comments towards it are bang out of order ? The one itrobb has put up is nice but too plain ? There’s nothing to it ? A big thanks to GAFFER for his work.
  7. Think its looking very good, be great once its open !
  8. Layout looks nice but needs to be developed alot more
  9. Like the overall layout, but some tables are squashed makin it looks a bit messy.
  10. If you want to do it that way it will be longer, but to do it you need to create a .tpl file and put that in your core/template folder, then point that .php file to the .tpl file. As i says, will take longer so i would do as robb says above.
  11. Yeah robb i need the livery first... As i said its not 100%...
  12. Just a quick update, thats the site starting to take shape and almost complete, also added a few flight from glasgow untill i can get a few pilots and hopefully a HUB managers for Glasgow, Palma and Gatwick. Feedback would be great ! Cheers,
  13. Sorry its taken me so long to reply, been busy working on the site etc. Yeah HUB seniors are just like assistant managers. Just thought i would trial it to see how it flys .
  14. Aww dude looks SWEET !! cant wait to get this, awsome work !!
  15. Defos paintjob again, looks really rushed and unprofessional, site looks great tho, although could be doing with more colour as Jon says.
  16. Think i will be flying with FastJet now instead of easyjet
  17. Im not advertising for pilots, im asking for help and also offering staff positions if anyone is interest.
  18. Well i suppose so lol, thanks for pointing that out. As soon as i can find someone to paint the Project Airbus A319 & A320 im ready to start recruiting pilots and start flying, then hopefully i will be able to fill the other posisions.
  19. Hi all, There is a new Virtual Airline on the block ! FlyEuro Virtual Airlines, created this evening we are currently recrutting staff members and most importantly a fleet painter. Anyone interested or who could lend a hand please contact me at ceo@flyeurova.com Regards, Bernie McDermott CEO FlyEuro VA www.flyeurova.com
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