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Ideal Minimum Rank Hours - Your Opinion?


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Different VAs have different numbers of hours before promotion. Airlines in the real world will obviously have a much higher number required. Many VAs claim to have a realistic system similar to real-world airlines, where they fly for about 50 hours just as a Trainee! I think that's a little much. I just wanted to know everyone's opinions on the topic, and what you have yours set to at the moment.

Here's mine:

freshJet Ranks

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We have 4 categories, broken into roughly the following: turboprop, small turbofan, medium turbofan, large turbofan. Our hours to gain access to each category are 0, 10, 50, 250, respectively. We feel this is an attainable goal for most people. This follows a real pilot's career progression; a new pilot wouldn't jump in a 747 and be off cruising to Australia. However, it also serves as a measure of protection for our VA, as we also [are allowed to] fly on VATSIM and must abide by their regulations.

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