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  1. Acars data not deleting from database

    That setting will clear your recent filed pireps not clear the acars table, if you want to clear that table then go to the admin and settings there is a link there to manually clear it or run it as a cron job.
  2. Trouble with several installed addons

    update the modules with extension php not tpl
  3. kAcars - not compatible with phpvms v7

    phpvms2 is no where near that phase yet.
  4. Advanced Fleet Manager [SOLVED]

    you need to update the files to public static function from public function.
  5. phpVMS Hosting Now Available!

    I thought you wanted to debug the old phpvms on php7. My mistake, sorry.
  6. Installer Feedback

    Yes it's all good now. Let me know what functions you need testing as I have been playing about with things already.
  7. phpVMS Hosting Now Available!

    If you have command shell experience you can get a dedicated vps up and going for $5 a month, use code DOCS10 to get more credit when you sign up. I have experience with Linode and they can provide a dev box to work on, you do have to install everything but there are guides to get you going easily, you can deploy install sql server php 7.1 and apache or what ever you like in under 30 minutes. That is what i did to try and figure out phpv2.
  8. Top Pilot Missing Flights

    I have no idea, since hosts are starting to phase out 5.3 to 5.6 im hoping Nabeel can work his magic for this new version to migrate over to.
  9. Installer Feedback

    For information i found out that the error was....... Changed web directory to "all" so it was allowed to parse the .htaccess file and good to go.
  10. Installer Feedback

    Will do i just created a new dedicated server for this and yes it is apache, ill PM the logs over to you now.
  11. Installer Feedback

    A quick update, i dont thing a rewrite is working correctly as i have to put index.php before everything and i managed to get it installed but its not how it should be
  12. Installer Feedback

    Im still getting errors trying to install, the database tabes are not being created, have i missed a step or something?
  13. Top Pilot Missing Flights

    For some reason this module stopped working on one of my VA's i have no explanation why, it works on one but not the other.
  14. White Page on phpVMS 2

    I would change the skin files to .php, enable logging of errors and look in the server logs and work through the errors you get. Comment out the includes if you have any and any added modules, thats a good place to start.
  15. Installer Feedback

    Not working on my test server however on another server it it, when i go to install i get a The requested URL /install was not found on this server. any ideas?