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  1. ACARS Map - route display time

    Try adjusting this setting in your acarsmap.php zoom: 4, center: new google.maps.LatLng("<?php echo Config::Get('MAP_CENTER_LAT'); ?>", "<?php echo Config::Get('MAP_CENTER_LNG'); ?>"), mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.TERRAIN, refreshTime: 10000 }; </script>
  2. Just a tease

    V4 seems interesting, good to see you active Nabeel.
  3. https Warning

    There is a ton of help info here and the spam seems to have dropped which is good.
  4. Airport Import Error

    You need to change your folder permissions to 777, thats the error you get when the system doesnt have write permissions to the folder. I forget which folders but the readme will tell you.
  5. New Google Captcha

    Ah i see what you mean, phpvms uses V1 which is no longer supported by Google but will still work, what you need to implement is V2 which uses the latest captcha. You will need to edit the core registration files to get this to work, ill have a look later if i have the time.
  6. New Google Captcha

    Its in the implementation guide on their website, just disable the existing api and keys from your local config and implement the new one.
  7. New Google Captcha

  8. Live Map Google Map Code

    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=YOURKEY&=js?sensor=true"></script> Sure no problem
  9. Google Maps API Key?

    Yes i have no problem at all. what do you need to know? You have to wait about 3 minutes for Google to recognise your site, sometimes you need to put specific url for them to recognise the page
  10. Live Map Google Map Code

    with script async defer the page will load regardless if all the code is received from google, if you want your page to always load correctly then use <script type="text/javascript" src="https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=YOURSITEKEY=js?sensor=true"></script>
  11. Maintenance Fatal Error

    Check your folder permissions of the cache folder they should be 777
  12. phpvms_sessions question

    You can just clear it out manually, all that will happen is users will have to login again. Dont delete the table just empty or truncate. I dont think the native function works to empty the table.
  13. [Released] phpVMS Forum Module

    I don't often sing praises of developers but I just had to post this out about my experience from php-mods. If you are looking for the biggest integration for your Virtual Airline I can not stress the importance of a forum, now this has been a long time coming but its well worth it, the forum from php-mods is excellent. I used SMF for years with the registration script from phpVMS, while that’s fine you then have to manually manage members if they become inactive or leave or even join up and never fly, which to us was a big pain in the rear. Now I have this forum from php-mods in place and all the data transferred over from my old forums I'm a very happy man. I no longer have to manage members access to the forums, the PHPVms system does it for me. If a pilot is deleted or inactive its simple he cant access the forums, there is a setting which you can change to allow access to anyone as well if that's what you want also. Now the reason for me posting this recommendation is the support I received, One of my VA's I had no problem what so ever but the other one I'm using a slightly different way of calling the templates and that was causing problems, I raised a ticket over at php-mods site and between a live session of TeamViewer and Skype Servetas George was able to connect to my pc and debug what was going on live on the server, I'm thank-full for the support and dedication of php-mods and from my experience I'm more than happy singing their praises, they couldn't have done any better in the support department. So if you are looking for full integration of your forum system in to the phpVMS api then i would highly recommend this add-on 100%.
  14. NATS Routing using coordinates

    Does anyone know how to display on the routes map a routing across the Atlantic ie using the following format. GORLO UL980 LAM/N0477F380 UL179 CPT UL9 STU UP2 BANBA/M084F380 DINIM 5000N/02000W 4500N/03000W 3900N/04000W/M084F400 3600N/04500W 3200N/05000W 2700N/05500W RKDIA/M084F400 A516 OBIKE The system doesnt line the coordinates 5000N/02000W or 5000N02000W or 5000N 02000W Thanks, Mark.