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Adding Airlines and Aircraft

  • Airlines

    These are the airlines registered to your virtual airline. Often, airlines operate different codeshares, serving different routes under different airline names. phpVMS accomodates this, allowing different airlines to be setup, and pilots can register under their primary airline of choice. Schedules are also created with an airline as reference.

    Airlines cannot be deleted, however their name/code can be edited and modified, and they can be enabled/disabled as needed. This is done in order to preserve the integrity of the system and its data; including schedules, pilots, and flight reports, since everything is linked together in one way or another.

    If an airline name/code is changed, any associated pilots and schedules are also changed. The airline is associated to pilots and schedules by the "code" field.


    These are the aircraft operated by your airline. They are not set associated to any one airline; however they can be assigned to schedules/routes are created.

    The “Aircraft Name”, such as “B747-400” will be shown under schedules, along with the registration number. The registration number is required, as it's used to assign the aircraft to a schedule, and FSACARS as the registration number. Most operations having to do with aircraft are all associated by the registration number.

    If your VA does not want to use registration numbers, you can enter one generic registration value. The system will not check if a registration is already in use on schedule for this reason.

    The weight, range, and cruise are optional fields, but the max passengers and cargo must be filled out, and can be filled out accordingly, with your airlines rules and specifications. These are used when figuring out passenger counts, etc, for financial reports.

Adding Airlines and Aircraft

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