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Adding Airports and Schedules

  • Airports

    These are all the airports you serve. When adding an airport, when you enter the ICAO, you can select the option to retrieve the information about the airport - the airport name, and coordinates. This enables the information to be accurate, and for it to show up properly on all the maps. You can also enter a fuel price for the airport, which will be used to determine fuel costs for flights leaving from that airport. If there is no fuel price entered for the airport, and live fuel pricing is disabled, then it will use the DEFAULT_FUEL_PRICE setting from the local.config.php file.


    Schedules can be enabled/disabled as needed (“Active”). You cannot delete schedules - for the reason being that they are tied to flight reports - On a PIREP, when accessed, the report will display that that current route is not currently available. You can also assign a specific aircraft to a flight route, although it will not check the availability of the aircraft on that route (yet at least). The PIREP does not expect this aircraft either, any aircraft can be used in PIREPs (although this logic can be changed in an addon).

    There are also specific flight types :

    • Passenger - These are passenger flights, and for finances, are calculated by a certain percentage (LOAD_FACTOR) depending on the passenger count for the aircraft selected
    • Cargo - Like above, except this counts a %age depending on the cargo count for the aircraft selected
    • Charter flights - These flights are always counted at 100% of the passenger count of the aircraft selected for that route

    There are also several settings available in the configuration file, having to do with bids and schedule:

    Config::Set('DISABLE_SCHED_ON_BID', true);
    Config::Set('DISABLE_BIDS_ON_BID', false);

    • DISABLE_SCHED_ON_BID - if a bid is placed on the schedule, that schedule is no longer available to be bid on/doesn't show in the schedule
    • DISABLE_BIDS_ON_BID - if a schedule is bid on, then that pilot cannot place more bids (one at a time)

    Finances - In order for finances to take hold properly, you must setup the flight load (depending on the type), the price, and the aircraft. The aircraft must have the proper passenger and cargo maximum allotments set in its settings.

    Non-Scheduled flights

    View this thread.

Adding Airports and Schedules
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