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Importing and exporting schedules

  • Importing Schedules

    You can import all your schedules from CSV. Goto “Operations” and then “Import Schedules”. There is a link to download the CSV template, or you can download it from below (the attachment). There's also an option to delete ALL previous schedules, and import fresh from the CSV file.

    Note: If you're using Microsoft Excel, make sure the "day of week" column is set to a string column, otherwise, it will truncate the 0 from the front, leaving out Sundays as a schedule date.

    Exporting Schedules

    There is also an option to export your schedules. They will be in the same CSV format, so they can be modified, and re-imported.

    Import/Export Rules:

    1. The airline code must be added, or import will fail
    2. You can leave out the header, but if it is there, check off the box
    3. All of the columns can be there, but only the route, leg, distance, and flighttime can be blank
    4. Routes which already exist (based on the code and flight number) will be updated
    5. Aircraft must be added by registration number.
    6. Flight Type can be "P" (Passenger), "C" (Cargo) or "H" (Charter). Enter it without quotes
    7. Days of week - last column - enter 0-6 for Sunday (0) to Saturday (6): ie: Monday, Wed, Fri, Sat flights will be: 1356 as the value
    8. Enabled column - 1 for enabled, 0 for disabled. Blank defaults to enabled

    For best results - add all your airports before you import. Otherwise, it will go and grab the airport, but this can potentially cause a problem by either PHP running past it's maximum execution time, or completely failing because your host blocks URL fopen commands. The route, leg, distance, and flight time columns can be blank. If you do not use registration numbers, view this post on how to get around it.


Importing and exporting schedules
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