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  1. Qatar-VA has commenced operations! 13.8.2014 Welcome to Qatar Airways Virtual. Our group is a non-profit virtual organization focusing on realistic airliner operations using PC based flight simulation software, also supporting high quality professional add-ons and internet-based real time air traffic control. Our Mission is to simulate real world day to day operations of Qatar Airways. We are open to any experience levels. If you are new to flying, we have our own training center see help you improve your flying skills.. If your are a veteran to flying we are always open for help. More veter
  2. Hello all, Looking for someone to create a skin. Willing to pay. I have an PSD designed but need someone to make it into a good phpvms skin. Regards, Kyle W
  3. Dear Pilots, I am thrilled to announce that we have reached our 1000th flight. Congrats to Stephan Kö*** on being the lucky pilot to reach our milestone. We have been in operation since October of 2013 and we have reached 1000 flights with 6700 total hours. We have over 240 pilots that have dedicated their time to become part of a rapidly growing community. Thank you all that have supported us from and hope to see you in the skies!
  4. I am having a problem with my schedules. When I try to Bid a flight I get an error "Invalid Route." I reset all the caches (if it does anything), reset the distance updated all the flights to see if something bugged it up but sadly no success. Any one have an fix or an idea how to solve. Kind Regards, Kyle Watkins
  5. Fixed! Added VALIGN=top to the table style so it would drop down into a new line when table is exceeded.
  6. Hello, I am having trouble with my pilot center awards bit. I am trying to only write 3 awards per line but having troubles. Any clue how to write only 3 awards per line? <strong>My Awards</strong></p> <table width="450px"> <tr> <td><?php if(!$allawards) { echo '<center><img src="http://www.voegolv.n...g_recusado.png" border="0" /><br><font face="Trebuchet MS" size="2">Piloto sem Awards.</font></center>'; } else { /* To show the image: <img src="<?php echo $award
  7. Hi STARs, We thank you for the concern, however at this time we will not be producing those documents unless you are a legal representative of Emirates Airlines Corp. Otherwise you can understand that we do not release those documents as the compeition that you stated above has a history of stealing/reproducing/imitating our resources and services. Thank you for your invested interest. *shucks* forgot why I don't normally post here!
  8. Thanks for the amazing warm welcome! Cant wait to be flying with acars in a few days!
  9. Are you here just to complain? To me the text above is not even close to what they wrote. Thanks for the kind welcoming!
  10. Hello pilots, Skywards Virtual was founded in the fall of 2013, are a group of aviation enthusiasts who wish to replicate the day-to-day real world flight ops of Emirates Airlines on the VATSIM network. We are open to pilots of all skill levels. In addition to regular passenger routes we have also included Emirates SkyCargo routes giving our pilots the option and flexibility to transport cargo around the world along with passengers. We also have recently have added all FlyDubai routes for short haul pilots. Online flying is encouraged for our pilots as we aim to represent and contribute to t
  11. There is no data going into the db.
  12. No errors at all. I put in all the info with an image and it just does not show up.
  13. Can't seem to get it working. Re-installed the entire thing and done exactly what the instructions said and adding them and they don't show up.
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