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  1. He is using phpvms, but it is used for the crew center, if you click crew login, you will see powered by phpvms at the bottom of the form.
  2. google maps only allows a certain amount of api calls free now, there is a tutorial on how to get leaflet maps on phpvms. If you can find it, I would suggest trying to get them working. First thing to check is, to see if the acars table is being populated as someone is flying, if it isn't then you have a problem with the php files for the acars program you are using. If it is being populated, then the problem lies in the code for the acars map itself. Have you made any other changes to your site that could possibly have broken something? Was it working before you tried getting the google maps api keys?
  3. This is due to strict mode being implemented, I had found a work around by putting INSERT IGNORE for all insert requests. Basically it comes down to the way phpvms stores the date and time of a pirep being filed. Using the INSERT IGNORE will allow the data to be submitted to the db as it ignores any error that is thrown up. It is not the best but for what i can see the only way to work around this problem if you do not have a VPS or dedicated server. As most hosts are reluctant to turn strict mode off.
  4. This error is not to do with the DB. It is to do with php version most likely. Try if possible selecting an older version of php. The switching to an older DB wouldn't solve this error. It could also be that there is something turned off that phpvms requires in the php setup.
  5. You can use an iframe, or you will need to link the page outside to the local.config file or similar to get it to work without an iframe.
  6. This is a known problem, it is to do with strict mode. There is a temporary fix I found to work is for all INSERT you need to put INSERT IGNORE instead that seems to work, but it is not a long term fix. Unfortunately because the version of phpvms you are using is old, the code is coded for older databases and php versions, and would require a pretty much complete rewrite of the code to get it to work with strict mode. You can either ask your host to downgrade to an older version of MariaDB or get a VPS or dedicate where you have control over the db version. But it is going to be harder and harder to find hosts that dont have older DB versions now.
  7. View File Ranks This module albeit simple, pulls the list of ranks your VA has, and gives the ability to show what aircraft are within said rank so pilots can tell when and at what rank aircraft they want to fly can be flown. Submitter Strider Submitted 04/24/21 Category Addons  
  8. Strider


    Version 1.0


    This module albeit simple, pulls the list of ranks your VA has, and gives the ability to show what aircraft are within said rank so pilots can tell when and at what rank aircraft they want to fly can be flown.
  9. You need to keep the INTO part the code should be INSERT IGNORE 'variables' INTO 'phpvms_pireps'; But are you 100% sure strict mode has been turned off? It is not easy to tell, but if your problem is still happening it most likely is still enabled. Shared hosts are reluctant to turn it off as others need it.
  10. It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of Malaysia Virtual Airlines new site. It has been in development for a year, and it is a great moment to be able to launch it. https://en.malaysiava.org
  11. Free hosting is a way for a web host to entice you to go with them. It is like a free trial of their services, they give you a taster of what they offer but restrict it. You can get very cheap hosting and domains dont cost that much especially if you choose the right one, a .org is usually cheaper then a .com
  12. Is it adding the aircraft anyway? It could be a bug, if so, let nabeel know so he can fix it. It also sounds like you may not be filling in everything correctly, putting info in the wrong place.
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