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  1. You need to go into your host then to phpmyadmin and navigate to the database your phpvms instal is under. Find the navdata table to upload the zip file, if it gives an error, truncate the data already there and then upload the one i sent. This will only work for phpvms v5.5.2/.72 It will not work for a v7 instal
  2. Airac 2307 Data only, just import it into your db like normal
  3. It would be nice to have this as an option.
  4. Airac 2306 Data only, just import it into your db like normal
  5. Airac 2305 Data only, just import it into your db like normal
  6. Go through the docs step by step, it may seem gibberish but it will make sense. The simplest hosting you could go for is shared hosting, I wouldn't go any cheaper then that, be aware that if your VA becomes very successful you will need to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server as successful VA's can cause the server you are on to run out of memory/bandwidth and your site will stop working. Be warned running a VPS server is not the easiest but you can get managed VPS so it is not too bad, you would preferably want to increase memory limit to around 500mb the default of 32mb is just too low in the long term. Most modules and themes for V7 are pretty much plug and play meaning you instal them and away you go with them. Your best bet is to try and start it with a friend or someone who knows coding even if it is basic coding. Some coding knowledge is required to run a VA
  7. Never rely on solely one acars platform as some pilots don't want to use it, others want to use another acars system. The acars system Nabeel has made is much better in my view then smartcars. smartcars V3 is in development, and I heard it is in beta now which you can sign up to. V7 is much better, and you will find it hard to keep running your VA on phpvms v5.5.2 as hosts start to remove support for older php versions and mysql databases get upgraded, and with the newer mysql databases you get strict mode which breaks phpvms v5.5.2/ unless you either get strict mode turned off (hosts are hesitant in doing so due to security) or alter the code to ignore the errors that stop data being passed into the database.
  8. Airac 2304 Data only, just import it into your db like normal
  9. Airac 2303 Data only, just import it into your db like normal
  10. The reason for it not showing is because there is some code that is not working. What php version are you using. And what mysql version
  11. The map is most likely not working due to the fact it uses an old google maps code, and you need a code from google for it to work, but they changed it since phpvms 5.5.2 came out. You will have to look at a tutorial from nabeel on how to get an alternative maps to work. Your best option is to go with phpvms v7 if you can, or get phpvms it has been optimised to use a newer version of php. Most hosts though are removing support for older versions of PHP so it may be hard to keep using it on standard hosting, and mysql is going to be an issue as strict mode is more then likely on, as with newer versions of it, it comes as on as standard and has to be switched off by the host manually, they may be unlikely to do so as standard hosting is usually shared hosting so they won't turn it off as it could cause problems with other web sites using the same server. Most hosts have a cpanel which you can find out the PHP versionou can create a php document called phpinfo.php you can find the code with a very easy google search and upload it, it will give you all the details of the version of php you are using and what addons the version of php you are using.
  12. Airac 2302 Data only, just import it into your db like normal
  13. That being said, updating schedules shouldn't cause that problem. My only thought would be he changed something to do with the schedule id, or flight number or both.
  14. Looks like it is not assigning the login to any pilot, or is not fully logging the pilot in. I had that happen to me before. It is possible that the php version is incorrect for kacars free Try a lower php version, when someone is using it, check the db and see what it says for the flight, also try clearing the acars table, use the reset acars table in the admin of the site.
  15. Can you bid on a flight and get it that way? If not check the bids table in the DB is getting populated
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