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  1. Airac 2303 Data only, just import it into your db like normal
  2. The reason for it not showing is because there is some code that is not working. What php version are you using. And what mysql version
  3. The map is most likely not working due to the fact it uses an old google maps code, and you need a code from google for it to work, but they changed it since phpvms 5.5.2 came out. You will have to look at a tutorial from nabeel on how to get an alternative maps to work. Your best option is to go with phpvms v7 if you can, or get phpvms it has been optimised to use a newer version of php. Most hosts though are removing support for older versions of PHP so it may be hard to keep using it on standard hosting, and mysql is going to be an issue as strict mode is more then likely on, as with newer versions of it, it comes as on as standard and has to be switched off by the host manually, they may be unlikely to do so as standard hosting is usually shared hosting so they won't turn it off as it could cause problems with other web sites using the same server. Most hosts have a cpanel which you can find out the PHP versionou can create a php document called phpinfo.php you can find the code with a very easy google search and upload it, it will give you all the details of the version of php you are using and what addons the version of php you are using.
  4. Airac 2302 Data only, just import it into your db like normal
  5. That being said, updating schedules shouldn't cause that problem. My only thought would be he changed something to do with the schedule id, or flight number or both.
  6. Looks like it is not assigning the login to any pilot, or is not fully logging the pilot in. I had that happen to me before. It is possible that the php version is incorrect for kacars free Try a lower php version, when someone is using it, check the db and see what it says for the flight, also try clearing the acars table, use the reset acars table in the admin of the site.
  7. Can you bid on a flight and get it that way? If not check the bids table in the DB is getting populated
  8. Does it happen with just a certain schedule or all? It is possible the DB version is causing some funkiness to happen, but it logging in seems to mean that it is not the DB version causing it, as if it was, you wouldn't be able to log in either. Make sure the flight number is being put in exactly like it is in the DB, and that stray numbers are not added by you or something else. Try deleting the kacars_free module and data class file and upload the ones from your site from a one you know works. Also try reducing the PHP version to 7.1 it is possible that that is causing it too. Try to see if there are any errors in the error_log file to see if that sheds any light on it.
  9. Airac 2301 Data only, just import it into your db like normal
  10. I found a small error which I have fixed, it is just to one file and can be made easily yourself by going to the template file codeshare>airline>Airlineview.php and looking for where it is looking for the description of the airline, change: $airlines->desc; to $airlines->airdesc
  11. Airac 2213 Data only, just import it into your db like normal
  12. Airac 2212 Data only, just import it into your db like normal
  13. Airac 2211 Data only, just import it into your db like normal
  14. Hi sorry due to a major hack I lost all my files were deleted, hence those links before will not work until i restore everything. Airac 2210 There is the new airac 2210
  15. Airac 2208 Data only just import into the navdata table, if it fails, back up the table, then empty it then upload new data in the zip and you should be good to go.
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