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  1. Ok so, I'm at a loss. I've searched, looked through code, and I need some help. Basically, is there a way to have airline A on a separate rank system from B,C, and D? I'm not incredibly efficient with PHP and all that, but would it be possible to essentially copy and paste some code, add something to the end of key words (eg. rankB), and add a new column to the pilots database? Or is there an easier way... Thanks in advance.
  2. Fleet Stats is what I'm looking for. That looks really cool!
  3. I've tried as well. Every menu I tried refused to work.
  4. little. im trying to learn from this.
  5. Thanks Dan. Well, also, I have different routes at different times. It tells me the routes already there when I try to add the same route at a different time. Am I going to have to use one flight per route?
  6. I have routes like this: ROK100 MDW-LAS-SFO When someone flies just the MDW-LAS route, it also shows me someone flew the LAS-SFO route. Is there a way to make it so its not the flight number, but the route number ( schedules/details/1,2,etc..)? Or will I just have to set it up so LAS-SFO is ROK100-1 or something? Thanksss!
  7. Yea, I want one that updates automatically. Would an award show up under the name? I haven't expieremented with awards.
  8. Haha I remembered ;D Is there a way I can have a special logo on the pilot roster, under the pilot ID, indicating something? I want everyone who participated in the opening event to have this logo under their name.
  9. Hello, I'm creating a fleet page. Is there a way I can call a list of every tail number in a vertical list, plus the total in service? Also, damn I forgot. Haha I'll post a reply if I remember. Thanks.
  10. some realistic airlines(mine... ) might like to specify the gates the real airline uses.
  11. I would like to be able to add gate numbers to routes, so the boarding pass doesn't show up as gate Z40 or something like that.
  12. padsquad43


    After a , a Google bot will come along and match the ads with the relevant content on this site. Also, advertising your ads and asking people to click on them will result your account to be removed. Google isn't stupid, they monitor this stuff very closely. I would consider deleting this thread so they don't see it.
  13. looks nice man! it's just kind of odd though. always takes me some time to get used to a new layout of a site. love the new features of phpVMS too!
  14. got it from a camera haha
  15. it is a png, and i think it does have an alpha layer. not too sure what that means, but this nifty program i have says it does.
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