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  1. Hello guys, I am looking for a website developer that is very skilled and is great with a variety of coding skills. The site needs to look sleek and "sexy." Please message me for further information about the project!! Thank you guys!!! Cheers!
  2. Thanks to all who posted! magicflyer, that was a great speech Thanks for that mate really has helped me! Regards, Carl Mark
  3. To all the other VA owners, how do you guys get more pilots and how do you recommend I advertise?
  4. Thanks guys, and those three are the only VAs I seem to know... also any tips for getting more pilots?
  5. Hello, If you are interested in having the best VA experience, please join us today at buzzvirtual.com! Here at Buzz we hope you're going to have some of the best times of your life -- whether you're doing an overnight flight to Gatwick or just flying locally, city-to-city. The places you'll go and the people you meet, you're guaranteed to have a fun but professional time at Buzz. So sit back, strap yourself in, and tell the passengers to get ready for takeoff, because here at Buzz, YOU fly the plane. http://buzzvirtual.com/index.php/apply Regards, Carl Mark CEO of Buzz Virtual
  6. Hello everyone, Buzz Virtual's site has been put online! We are also looking for new pilots, so if you are looking for a spectacular airline, Buzz is for you! http://www.buzzvirtual.com Regards, Carl Mark CEO Buzz Virtual
  7. So where would a pilot find the ACARS config info? And stuff like the FSPAX info?
  8. where is the acars download information?
  9. Hello Guys! My .htaccess file seems to be not on my website and when I try to access a page on my website it says "No input file specified." I have read all of the posts about the .htaccess file but none seem to show the answer. Please Help! Regards, Carl
  10. Hello Guys, I can't find my .htaccess file and when i try to access a website page on my website it prompts me with the error "No input file specified."Is there a way to get the .htaccess file? Thanks and I have read the other topics but none of them seem to show the fix. Regards, Carl
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