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  1. Just a tease

    Probably not. This new phpVMS is based on Laravel which is a whole different framework and set of APIs. But hey...code is code. Someone's gonna find a way to copy/paste things around and make it work.
  2. Guys could anyone make us a site

    This probably shouldn't be in "Paid Services". *cough* *cough* Check out some HTML & CSS tutorials on W3Schools then just use a free template and learn to edit it. That's going to be higher quality than any free service you'll receive. Best of luck with Finnair Virtual - Love the Finnair livery.
  3. [SOLVED] Img Src Not Working.

    Omer, try again. I made a mistake of not including the Auth:: class reference when accessing the $pilot var. Should be fixed. Also, Out of the blue give this a try: <?php $pilotcode = PilotData::getPilotCode(Auth::$pilot->code, Auth::$pilot->pilotid); ?> <img class="" alt="Avatar" src="<?php echo SITE_URL.AVATAR_PATH.'/'.$pilotcode.'.png';?>" height="90" />
  4. [SOLVED] Img Src Not Working.

    Hey bud, Gonna go off of a gut feeling and guess that the variables $pilotcode or $pilotid aren't defined. So give this a try instead: <img height="50px" width="50px" style="" alt="Pilots Avatar" src="<?php echo PilotData::getPilotAvatar(PilotData::getPilotCode(Auth::$pilot->code, Auth::$pilot->pilotid));?>" /> Or a cleaner way to do it is: <?php $pilot_id = PilotData::getPilotCode(Auth::$pilot->code, Auth::$pilot->pilotid); ?> <img height="50px" width="50px" style="" alt="Pilots Avatar" src="<?php echo PilotData::getPilotAvatar($pilot_id);?>" />
  5. Uh-...For someone trying to gain some business off of this forum you're not trying too hard to be "encouraging" to virtual airlines. It's a free world - Last time I checked. Some people love laid-back game-ish virtual airlines, others love serious Virtual Airlines with a touch of Roleplay. I, for one, think the contract format looks awesome and clearly there's some effort that went into formatting it right and getting the content written. Best of luck with your VA. You should indeed have a coming soon page rather the generic lorem ipsum text - That might confuse Google on the Search Engine Rankings and could penalize you down the road for having a spammy website.
  6. Selling Schedule Pull Script

    Isn't the script on a Pastebin somewhere? I remember it being released to the community for free some time ago. Also, are you sure you want to give out your API Key? People could easily rack up thousands of dollars in charges that'll end up in collection for you, and hurt your credit score.
  7. Open letter from David Clark/Simpilot

    David is one of the pioneers of the modern-day virtual airline softwares. This phpVMS platform is what really got me into the world of Web Development, and you were a great example to learn from. Best of luck with your future business endeavors.
  8. Seeking Custom Acars for VA

    You'd be wasting your money. Use one of the many ACARS systems out there: SmartCars 2 - https://tfdidesign.com/smartCARS.php kACARS - http://www.fs-products.net/ CCFTracker - https://www.crazycreatives.com/ccftracker-free/ APVacars - http://baggelis.com/index.php/apvacarsm/apvacars All of these are customizable. Trust me, your pilots don't want a custom ACARS that's gonna be buggy and (probably) going to look ugly. Get them something they're familiar with. I recommend smartCARS.
  9. Virtual Airline Directory

    - Side tip for Virtual Airline Owners - Generating backlinks is the one sure way of getting your VA to rank higher on Google. So, whenever you see an opportunity to get your link posted somewhere, take it.
  10. Create website for phpVMS

    If you don't know HTML, or CSS, I wouldn't want to mess with creating your own theme. There's a couple of free skins around the forums that you can place in your lib/skins folder and then activate it via the phpVMS Admin. Those are pretty good functional designs. As for a getting a custom skinned design, hehe....brace yourself for the "Check your PMs" replies.
  11. [Updated] [Free Complete Skin] Arctic

    My analytics are showing that a lot of people are trying to download this skin - but cannot. Just to let y'all know, you can download it from here: https://github.com/RyanHerga/Arctic This skin is no longer supported. I'll probably be releasing a newer one in the upcoming weeks.
  12. Let's Partner Up!

    Program Discontinued
  13. -

  14. New Service Idea Questions

    You can definitely sell themes/schedules/graphics for phpVMS. You can sell installation/setup services. You can sell custom programming & modules. You cannot however sell phpVMS standalone. It's a free software, you can't resell it for money.

    Did you notice his website doesn't exist anymore? I assume that's why the post was created.