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  1. Module Requests

    I'm trying to learn Laravel, but obviously the current Codon Framework on PHP7 version is more popular. So, most likely the latter but I'll give the former a shot later. Sounds Easy. What kind of data do you want to see?
  2. Module Requests

    Hey guys, been a long time since I coded in PHP so I thought why not go back to where I started as a refresher. So, I'm looking to put together a phpVMS Module. Personally, I'm looking for something simple yet needed. But some other dev may be interested in picking up your idea. So, Post your module ideas for phpVMS. I'd love for this to be an open discussion by the community to see what they can improve about phpVMS as a whole.
  3. Website Hosting sees phpVMS as a virus [SOLVED]

    It's the v2.0 phpVMS with php 7 https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/df4d159938ddea35d42049ad50ac73131074162800c547580f85e3d1a62bb147/detection Webroot has it listed. The php5 is also listed with the same database- https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/7113062ae5d58c5519b1f1c1151a84ccf62c955a7a3a185334c6647b846c1e76/detection
  4. Website Hosting sees phpVMS as a virus [SOLVED]

    I ran a checksum on VirusTotal a couple weeks ago and the phpVMS .zip file is listed on one of the databases. Maybe add a .txt file, lol?
  5. PHP Versions

    A2Hosting is 7.1 defaults to 7.1 Bluehost is 7.0 InMotion is 7.1 defaults to 7.0 I thought I had a GoDaddy one, but that's managed WP(Which defaults to 7.0 and can't change)
  6. PHP Versions

    7.2 hasn't caught on with the host I use(A2Hosting). I checked a couple client accounts and its not being used by InMotion nor Bluehost either. That should definitely be out of the question, for now.
  7. New skin loads slow

    It shows that the Facebook Plugin & The map you have is loading really slow. See what happens if you comment that out. I guess this is just a matter of optimizing the code and minifying the CSS and JS. I'm a little curious as to how it works on certain directories and others not. Please let me know if you find an answer, I'd love to know it. Edit: I wonder, is there a difference in the .htaccess files?
  8. New skin loads slow

    Ok. Now, that's a tough one. When you say it loads slow, what do you mean? Does the screen stay white for a long amount of time, or does the page load and just the progress circle keeps going? I did a test on pingdom, and I'm getting 5seconds which isn't too bad given all that's going on in the page.
  9. New skin loads slow

    Hmm. Okay, well what I'm thinking is a lot of shared hosts have litespeed+Nginx installed or an equivalent software that speeds up mySQL(and a bunch of other stuff). This is usually not included with the VPS(Because of the way licensing works), so a lot of queries in a short amount of time would result in a drastic performance difference. That would explain why this skin performs better when its running on the other host. Could it just be that this skin is running more SQL queries on homepage load time? That would lead to a quick fire of SQL queries.
  10. New skin loads slow

    I hate to point out the obvious, but could it just be the server itself? I'm thinking there might be a runaway process on the server that's just causing it to run very slow when running PHP queries. Some hosts have a "Select PHP Version" option, go ahead and find that on cPanel and switch to another PHP version and back. There's a mechanism in there that kills PHP processes. Kind of like that ol' "Turn it off and turn it back on" trick. How many installations of phpVMS/other CMS are you running on one shared server? I've had clients in the past thinking they could get away with running multiple softwares on one shared host(Spoiler Alert: Didn't work). Other than that, your page size is 3.6mb which isn't too bad. Maybe that live flights plugin keeps querying the entire airports table(maybe the schedules table as well) and just slows everything down. Try to comment out that code and see if there's any changes.
  11. kACARs Free - PC Time vs FS Time

    I think this may be what he's looking for.
  12. [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    Been a long time since I looked at FlightAware. Their new pricing structure looks a lot more reasonable than what they had last time. Have you considered doing a chron job to get the schedules for the most popular airlines?
  13. Question about my PHP code

    Works just fine. Make sure you have the PHP closing tags correctly....https://ideone.com/bQqklA And for your second question...you can use. Catch is I think this code will only work in PHP 7: echo $parkings[$info->destination[0]->icao_code] ?? "Some message that it does not exist";
  14. Question about my PHP code

    Still o(N) but cleaner to read. <?php $zurich = ['Terminal 1 Dock A', 'Terminal 2 Dock B', 'Terminal 3 Dock E']; $parkings = [ 'LSZH' => $zurich[array_rand($zurich)], 'BKPR' => 'Stands 201 - 203', 'GCFV' => 'Stands 18 - 22', 'GCLP' => 'Stands T02 - T07', 'GCRR' => 'Stands T01 - T07', 'GCTS' => 'Stands F02 - F08', 'HEGN' => 'Stands 69 - 74', 'HESH' => 'Stands 26 - 33', 'KTPA' => 'Stands 85 - 89', 'LBWN' => 'Stands 15 - 19', 'LCLK' => 'Stands 22 - 26', 'LICC' => 'Stands 327 - 331', 'LPMA' => 'Stands A5 - A10', 'MUHA' => 'Stands 10 - 11', 'LEPA' => 'Stands 40 - 63', 'LIEO' => 'Gates 01 - 05', 'LEIB' => 'Stands 27P - 31P' ]; echo $parkings[$info->destination[0]->icao_code];
  15. Do I or Don't I

    Everybody is going into the implementation, but let's start with this first: Should you launch a virtual airline? Many people drop hundreds of dollars on a VA over the course of a year only to find out they (1) Don't have the time to maintain a whole community (2) They're the only ones flying in it, in which case (3) They didn't need a virtual airline in the first place. Food for thought <3