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  1. Sorry not maintained anymore. No plans to re-create or re-develop for phpvms at this time.
  2. Should be just this: git pull Run it while in the main phpvms directory where the .git file is. If you've made changes to the original version that won't work instead use this... git stash git pull --rebase git stash apply I like this: http://rogerdudler.github.io/git-guide/ Git will override any code on there. Be ready to handle merge conflicts - Those are always fun.
  3. Checklist: Check Credentials and Spelling (Do it again, even if you think you're right) Does the user 'xxxxxxx' have read/write access to the database? (I'm assuming you're hiding the actual username right?) Did you set a password? Sometimes LAMP environments default to empty or 'root' or 'password' If that doesn't work, please share what LAMP environment you're using on localhost and if you have access to the localhost phpmyadmin.
  4. Well, it's one way to spend those v$ lol. Congrats for the release @servetas
  5. Y'all do know this was posted a year ago lol? If you want web dev projects go to upwork.com
  6. I haven't ran a VA in a while - But consider this: Most Established VAs have their own forum and it would probably be technically difficult for them to transfer their posts or start over from scratch. Their pilots would probably get angry if they lose their post history. God knows why lol.
  7. That first image doesn't load...Could that be the problem? Try replacing it with a valid URL.
  8. On chrome, go to that pilot pending page Right click > Inspect > Console then copy/paste or screenshot all the error messages to here. Like this:
  9. I'm not going to code it...but if anyone were to implement this efficiently you would use a Graph Data Structure with Dijkstra's algorithm to find the shortest path between two destinations (This is probably the same algorithm that big airlines use for booking system). I guess an easy way to cheat around is just to code a multi-leg schedule system. So to answer your first question, yes it is possible. This would be a pretty good Software Engineering challenge for someone in the community.
  10. I'm trying to learn Laravel, but obviously the current Codon Framework on PHP7 version is more popular. So, most likely the latter but I'll give the former a shot later. Sounds Easy. What kind of data do you want to see?
  11. Hey guys, been a long time since I coded in PHP so I thought why not go back to where I started as a refresher. So, I'm looking to put together a phpVMS Module. Personally, I'm looking for something simple yet needed. But some other dev may be interested in picking up your idea. So, Post your module ideas for phpVMS. I'd love for this to be an open discussion by the community to see what they can improve about phpVMS as a whole.
  12. It's the v2.0 phpVMS with php 7 https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/df4d159938ddea35d42049ad50ac73131074162800c547580f85e3d1a62bb147/detection Webroot has it listed. The php5 is also listed with the same database- https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/7113062ae5d58c5519b1f1c1151a84ccf62c955a7a3a185334c6647b846c1e76/detection
  13. I ran a checksum on VirusTotal a couple weeks ago and the phpVMS .zip file is listed on one of the databases. Maybe add a .txt file, lol?
  14. A2Hosting is 7.1 defaults to 7.1 Bluehost is 7.0 InMotion is 7.1 defaults to 7.0 I thought I had a GoDaddy one, but that's managed WP(Which defaults to 7.0 and can't change)
  15. 7.2 hasn't caught on with the host I use(A2Hosting). I checked a couple client accounts and its not being used by InMotion nor Bluehost either. That should definitely be out of the question, for now.
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